Mixology – mix·ol·o·gy (m k-s l -j ). n.  Most commonly referring to the art of mixing drinks (e.g. as in bartending), ‘mixology’ is a term that is often applied to fashion as well.

I’ve previously blogged about my love of labels and the reasons I prefer brand name/designer items over non-brand name items.  Affected by long-term memory loss?  No worries, refresh your memory, here. 😉

Anyhow, I realized after putting together a few of my outfit layouts on Instagram, that I too am a mixologist!  I love to pair high-end items with non-designer items.  It is not uncommon for example, that I would choose to pair a Forever 21 dress with a Chanel bag.  The idea simply is to – in the words of Tim Gunn – ‘make it work’!

Here are some of my favorite outfits; examples of mixology in action:

Screen Shot 2013-11-16 at 10.50.40 PM

Bag, MAC Daddy Rebecca Minkoff, purchased for $185, originally $395 (Saks, here) // Dress, Dorothy Perkins, purchased for $29 (DorothyPerkins.com, here) // Shoes, Cole Haan Nike Air Heels, $37, originally $328 (Nordstrom Rack, read about them here). Cost: $251 (saved, $516).


Jacket, $17, originally $42.50 (Forever 21, old) // Dress, $12, originally $27.50 (Forever 21, old) // Bag, $250, originally $1275 (Balenciaga, eBay, old) // Shoes, $89, originally $325 (KORS by Michael Kors, TJMaxx, here).  Cost: $368 (saved, $1302).


Top, $15, originally 22.50 (Forever 21, old) // Skirt, $22, originally $89.50 (JCrew, here) // Belt, $10 (Lotus Boutique, old) // Heels, $12, originally $89 (Nine West, eBay, super old!).  Cost: $59 (saved, $142).


Dress, $15, originally $79.99 (Maggy London, TJMaxx, old) // Jacket, $15, originally $37.50 (Forever 21, old) // Belt, $69 (C.Wonder, here) // Tights, $8 (Hue, TJMaxx, old) // Shoes, $42, originally $98 (BCBG, TJMaxx, recent), Necklace, $20, originally $365 (Kenneth Jay Lane, eBay, old).  Cost: $169 (saved, $411.49).


Jacket, $15, originally $37.50 (Forever 21, old) // Dress, $12, originally $22.50 (Forever 21, old) // Shoes, $89, originally $325 (KORS by Michael Kors, TJMaxx, here) // Necklace, $20, originally $365 (Kenneth Jay Lane, eBay, old) // Bag, $800, originally >$2500 (Chanel, eBay, old).  Cost: $936 (saved, $2314).

In general, I tend to purchase less expensive clothes and invest in bags and shoes.  Bags and shoes tend to have better resale value on eBay, so I won’t shy away from spending a little more on those items, since I can guarantee reselling them for at least 75% of my purchase price.  As you can see, though, even my high-ticket items were either purchased on sale or purchased in pre-owned state on eBay (stay tuned for my post on eBay buying soon, including how to tell fake from authentic items!), so I make sure to save even when buying designer items.

Most recently, I was made aware that my ‘mixologist’ tendencies come through, not only in my outfit layouts on Instagram, but in past blog posts as well!  As a dear family friend, Chic in Academia reader, and fabulous fashionista (let’s call her MDF 😉 ) recently put it,

“Your ideas and smart shopping guides show me that one doesn’t have to go crazy spending lots of money or be extremely wealthy to wear higher-end designers’ clothes or accessories. Love how you mix and match, for example when you combine a designer’s accessory with a not too expensive garment!!!”

I hope that this post  – as well as prior blog posts – inspire you to think ‘cheap chic’ when considering spending outlandish amounts of money on high-end clothes, accessories and shoes!  Never pay retail!!

Be a savvy shopper and shop stores like TJMaxx, Ross, Nordstrom Rack, or Marshalls for designer labels at low-end prices.  Also consider consignment shops, online community resale websites like Poshmark and Threadflip, as well as eBay for amazing deals on designer labels.  For clothes, my low-cost staples often come from Forever 21, Target, and small boutiques like Lotus Boutique or Francesca’s Collections, as well as from eBay!

Remember, you don’t have to spend a million bucks, to look a million bucks. 😉

Finally, IF you thought these outfits were still too expensive for your taste, stay tuned for another post where I style 5 outfits with at least one item purchased for $5 or less!!

-Stay Chic!

3 thoughts on “Mixology

    • Chic in Academia says:

      Thanks so much! I SO appreciate that you take the time to read my posts. 🙂 Loving your blog as well! I will keep you posted on the eBay guide!!


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