Gus Mayer Champagne Sale

Disclosure: I have partnered with Gus Mayer for this post, however all opinions are my own. 

It’s here!! The annual Gus Mayer Champagne Sale! Every year I look forward to this sale because of the amazing doorbuster deals they offer. I got my very first Rebecca Minkoff bag two years ago at this sale for under $100! One of my favorite bags to date. This year, the doorbusters will be on super sale between 4-5pm and a little more expensive after 5pm, but if you have been to this sale before, you know that the good stuff is gone minutes after 4pm. 

I got a preview of some of the goodies available at the sale this year and here is a preview of two of the items that I fell in love with: 

First up, this Lola + Sophie top priced at a mere $55 (orig $125). It’s perfect for summer, dressy enough for work, but no-nonsense enough to pair with some cut-off shorts and comfy sandals.  It comes in turquoise, black, navy, taupe, and this off-white creamy color! 

Next item that caught my eye was this cobalt blue Rebecca Minkoff wallet on chain. Wallets on chains are quite genius, and perfect for the woman on the go; especially if you also happen to be a momma on the go! They are small enough to throw in one’s work tote and grab if heading to lunch while leaving the tote in the office. Also great for momma’s who just need to carry a few essentials while free to use both arms for toting babies, toddlers, or wrangling a gaggle of different aged kiddies. Here are a few of the things that I require when out and about: 

Not pictured: my money and cc’s. Lol. 

So. Clearly you must stop by the sale today. If these items aren’t incentive enough, know that they usually serve champs (hence, “Champagne Sale”) AND yummy bites from local restaurants! It’s a ton of fun! I’m sad to miss it as I will be in three cities these next 5 days – I’m tired just thinking of it – but hope to live vicariously through y’all! Enjoy the sale, the amazing deals, and the party! 

Until next time! Stay ‘Chic’! 

Choose Skin Health with Neutrogena

Disclosure: I partnered with Neutrogena and Latina Bloggers Connect for this post, however all opinions are my own.

People are always surprised when I tell them how old I am. Late 30’s is where I sit. Often I’m told I could pass for a 20-something, which is all sorts of amazing until I look at pictures of myself when I was ACTUALLY in my 20’s, at which point I cringe a little.

That said, I attribute my somewhat youthful looks to 1) genetics, but also 2) preventive beauty care! I have been diligent about sunscreen and not spending too much time in the sun for years. I have my momma to thank for that pearl of wisdom/advice.  Neutrogena has always been the brand that I turn to for help!

Neutrogena has a huge variety of sunscreens for every member of the family. They even have a baby cream formula that I really like (not pictured below).  Here are the ones I pulled in preparation for Memorial Day weekend:

Products pictured above:

NEW CoolDry Sport Sunscreen Stick Broad Spectrum SPF 50+  $10.49

NEW CoolDry Sport Sunscreen Spray Broad Spectrum SPF 30  $9.49

NEW CoolDry Sport Sunscreen Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 70  $11.49

Wet Skin Kids Sunscreen Spray Broad Spectrum SPF 70+  $9.49

Wet Skin Sunscreen Spray Broad Spectrum SPF 85+  $11.50

Ultra Sheer® Face + Body Stick Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 70  $10.99

Ultra Sheer® Dry-Touch Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30  $10.49

I wear sunscreen on a daily basis. I substitute my moisturizer for the Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch formula most months of the year. On occasion, I also wear the baby version of this formula. It’s sheer enough that it doesn’t alter the look of the makeup applied and most importantly helps to provide the coverage I need!

I was asked on Instagram whether I “truly like this sunscreen brand/formula” and the honest truth is yes! I do! It’s a brand I’ve bought for years, and one that I plan to continue buying. I highly recommend it and think you would love it too!!

With summer coming, make sure you protect yourself and others from those damaging UV rays. I know I will be!  And remember: Kids are more likely to adopt healthy habits, like applying sunscreen, if they see their parents/other adults doing it.  So set a good example for future generations.:)

Until next time! Stay ‘Chic’!


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Neutrogena and Latina Bloggers Connect. The opinions and text are all mine.

The $30 Work Dress

Time and time again, you’re heard me rave about these shoes, and that bag, and this skirt, etc.  Often, they are pieces I have found at Target.  It is safe to say that a large proportion of my work wardrobe is comprised of pieces from Target.  Why?  Well, my local Target happens to be a Super Target.  I walk in and have the supermarket side of it to my right and the regular Target non-supermarket side to my left.  The non-supermarket side happens to carry clothing.  LOTS OF IT.  Some of it work-appropos.  So, I walk on over for a few and scope out the new merchandise before grocery shopping for the week.  I am usually gone for an hour or so, but long enough to get some shopping in!

In this case, I didn’t find these dresses in store, but rather online.  I signed up for the Target emails, and one morning a couple of weeks ago, I got one alerting me that women’s Merona clothing was all 40% off!  So, I took advantage and checked out the goods! That’s when I found this dress:


This one is a size 2 and fits like a glove.  Size 2-18 are available online.  It is thick-ish material, so it doesn’t show every detail of your undergarments, and comes in three different colors (i.e., black, grey, and navy)!  I LOVE IT.  Best of all, it is only $30, even at regular price!  It’s perfection.

I loved it so much, I got it in all three colors.  Hashtag: “oops, I did it again”.  LOL.  Anyway, make sure to read the reviews to get a better sense of what size to order.  I wear a zero in regular, a 2 in petites, so I suppose this dress runs on the smaller size…maybe.  At worst, you can order a couple sizes and keep the one that fits best.  Good luck!  I think you’ll be pretty happy with this one!

Until next time!  Stay ‘Chic’!