Welcome to Chic in Academia, friends!

If you stumbled upon my blog, or were referred to it by a friend, you did so likely because it has something to do with academia as the title implies, correct?  Well, the only thing I cover about academia is, well, nothing!  Seriously, though.  I write this blog to share my daily outfits, info on amazing deals, occasional recipes and exercise tips.  It is a way for me to decompress and do something fun!

You see, as a university professor on the tenure track, science and teaching can at times be all-consuming.  And though I love what path my PhD led me to, I also really like to stimulate the right side of my brain.  Fashion, is one of the ways I choose do that.

Sometimes I wonder whether I should blog about my experiences in academia, including the successes and failures I’ve experienced.  But the truth is, there are many other blogs you can go to for that information, so fashion and lifestyle posts it is.  That said, IF you should happen to have any questions about life in academia, feel free to shoot me an email!  I am always happy to share my thoughts and experiences.

For now, hope you enjoy reading my posts and following along on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest as well!  Those of you who work in labs may visit my social media sites and think, “I can’t wear this stuff to the lab!”  Well, my friends.  I beg to differ.  Although I am no longer in a lab setting, I did wear fancy clothes and closed toe shoes with heels (more so in the form of ankle booties) into the lab.  AND it was a P3.  So, it can definitely be done!!

Finally, feel free to let me know if there are topics I haven’t yet covered that you would like to see on Chic in Academia.  I’m always looking for inspiration for my posts!


“Showing the world that being fashionable and intelligent should not be mutually exclusive…one outfit at a time.”


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Amanda Renée says:

    Loving your looks! So chic and sassy 😉 I love how you’ve paired a metallic piece with a softer, more relaxed, neutral top. Of course, the gold accessories pull it all together and make it look so contemporary and fun! Super excited to have found a fellow academic who loves fashion! – http://academiquechic.com/


    • Chic in Academia says:

      How ever did I miss this comment?! Thank you for your kind comment! I greatly appreciate the support. I will be sure to seek you out on IG as well! Thanks for stopping by!!


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