Redbook Magazine Real Women Style Contest – I’m a Finalist!!

Friends of Chic in Academia –

A few weeks ago, Redbook Magazine held a call for submissions to be considered for their annual Real Women Style Award competition.  I submitted the following seven photos and guess what?!  I’m a finalist!  I am among 25 women being considered, and there is now a voting process to select this year’s Reader’s Choice.

I never imagined I’d be selected out of the hundreds – perhaps thousands – of entries submitted, but it happened!  I am thrilled, but more so, excited to possibly have the opportunity share my thoughts about fashion and the professional woman on a larger platform.  When I started Chic in Academia, I wanted to show the world that one could be a woman in academia and do all that academics do – nerd out, indulge in science, change the world one scientific discovery at a time, be professional, be a boss, etc – and still maintain a feminine identity.  There appears to be a disconnect in many a workplace:  a woman cannot be both fashionable and a superstar in her field.  Especially in academia, paying attention to one’s attire might be construed as not paying enough attention to one’s science.  Ruminate on that for a minute.

I don’t deem myself the best in my field.  I am far from being the perfect or most successful woman in academia.  But, I do my best and have achieved my share of success, all while wearing stilettos and bright colors to work.  I get ready in 30 minutes or less every single morning and then turn my attention to science.  The fact that I put some thought into what I wear every day, does not in any way distract me from my work or my science. My message to other academics and professional women was was: You can too!  And you can also choose NOT too!  But the choice should be yours.  To quote the old adage, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’.  A fashionable woman does not a dud make. 😉

A second goal for this blog was to help demystify shopping and debunk the myth that high-end, designer fashion was only attainable if you had loads of money.  My blog helps women shop for the items they covet at affordable prices by sharing information about sales, second-hand or consignment shopping, rebates, coupons, making cash from closet inventory.  I focus on making fashion affordable and attainable for all.

And so, although it’s been a great journey thus far, I see this opportunity to compete for the Real Style Award as a way to share this with even more women!  Women who may not yet know about my blog, but who could benefit from reading the information I share, or possibly even gain inspiration on a daily basis from the outfits I share on Instagram.  So, if any of this resonates with you, I would be so grateful if you would take a second to vote for me:  a real woman, scientist, momma, wifey, and sartorialist!  Go to this link

Vote here!

to vote. You’ll see this on the website, but just in case, here are the photos I submitted:





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Photos taken by (in no particular order): my hubby – Michael Frymark; Mariana Pimiento; Rachel Tindall, and Rachel and Noah Ray.

Thank you so much in advance and wish me luck!!!


To vote, click here:  

Real Women Style Award


Until next time!  Stay ‘Chic’!

Valentine’s Day with SammyDress

Disclosure:  I partnered with SAMMYdress for this post, however all opinions are my own.




I was recently introduced to SAMMYdress — an online clothing, jewelry, shoes, make up, you-name-it-they-have-it company.  AND, they have men’s clothing too!!  My first impression of the site was: SERIOUSLY?!  Are their prices really that low??  As I perused their clothing section, I realized that not only were prices amazingly affordable, but that the fit and quality appears to be quite decent.  Many of the items listed on their website include photos from prior purchasers wearing the items.  Most also include a review from the individual indicating what size they are and what size they ordered from the website.  This gives one a decent idea about the garment as well as what size one might want to order.

Currently, SAMMYdress is hosting a Valentine’s Day promo. The following promo codes are available with every purchase:


15% discount through February 20th.


Permanent, has no expiration date.

Subtract $ 3 $ 30 + $ 5 Off $ 40 +, $ 8 Off $ 60 + $ 10 Off $ 80 +, $ 14 Off $ 100 + $ 18 Off $ 150 + $ 30 Off $ 200 + $ 35 off $ 250

The more you buy, the greater the discount.

As mentioned previously, the website carries a wide variety of garment and other items. Some of the items may be considered a bit risqué for some, haha, so be forewarned that you may come across them as you navigate the pages of the website.  Otherwise, consider this a site where you can find some über affordable threads should your pocketbook be suffering after the holidays!

Be sure to drop me a note in the comments section below if you happen to order from the site!  I have not yet ordered, but may be doing so as I prepare for V-day!  I have my eye on a couple of dresses and hope they will arrive in time for the holiday.  Oh yeah, that reminds me: As I have not yet ordered, I have no idea what shipping times are like, so if you order, keep in mind that shipping times may vary.

Good luck and happy shopping!

Until next time!  Stay ‘Chic’!



Paying it forward




Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 12.04.23 PM.png




Outfit details:  Tulle skirt // White Top // White Druzy Bracelet // Gemstone Cuff // Cream Faux Fur Jacket

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to shoot a few items with the amazing Tosha Gaines of Tosha Gaines Photography.  It was a mere 30-ish degrees during our 10am meet up, but nonetheless, managed to get some amazing shots!

A couple of the items worn in this photo shoot come from locally-owned and/or women-owned businesses.  The first item – a unique, vintage-feel statement necklace comes from My Red Bead owned and operated by Beth Menke.  Her pieces are one of a kind and sold locally at a variety of stores and boutiques, including Harper Lane at The Galleria in Hoover, AL.  I love the beaded detailing juxtaposed with the silk tassel detail.

A while back, I collaborated with another local, woman-owned business – Chic Society Boutique  – and had a ring that I had not yet worn.  I was going for a white/champagne color scheme for this outfit, but wanted a pop of color that wouldn’t be too overwhelming.  Subsequently, I decided to wear the pink druzy statement ring from SCS; which, in my opinion, added a subtle hint of color.

To complete one of the looks, I wore a faux fur wrap from Royal Scout and Company.  RSandCo is another woman-owned business and one that is quickly gaining a reputation for high-quality, luxe items.  I recently received a wrap and a pair of faux fur boot cuffs.  I wore the boot cuffs immediately (see them styled on Instagram here and here), and wore the wrap during the shoot.  It is insanely soft and oh, so warm.  The wrap prices at about $60, which is not bad considering the quality.  RSandCo carries a variety of faux fur items, many of which I am coveting!!

The final item I wanted to feature in these looks was a pair of earrings from Mark Edge Jewelry.  I have now worn several Mark Edge pieces and styled them on Instagram, but hadn’t had the opportunity to wear the earrings I wore in this shoot.  His pieces are all unique, also have somewhat of a vintage feel, and ultimately stand the test of time.  They aren’t pieces that look like jewelry you’ll find at the mall.  These are hand-made, creative pieces made from reclaimed/recycled pieces of jewelry scouted from all over the country and abroad.  He reinvents these pieces to make truly artistic pieces.  See some of the other pieces I have styled in the past on Instagram here, here, here, and here.

One of my goals for Chic in Academia this year is to support more locally-owned, women-owned, and small businesses in general.  I am happy to lend my voice and platform to increase visibility for the business featured in this post, as well as others I will partner with this coming year as best as I am able.  I hope you will support them as well!!  Thank you as always for supporting me as well and continuing to visit my blog and other social media platforms.  You enable my ability to keep the right side of my brain engaged and alive!  For that, my sanity thanks you as well. 😉

Until next time!  Stay ‘Chic’!