Steal vs. Splurge – Hermès Belt!

Reach for your wallets!!  This is a good one. 😉

Many of you may recognize this highly coveted belt by Hermès:

Chic in Academia,

Often ranging between $700-$1000 – and also usually available for purchase only in person at Hermès stores – this belt and its buckle is a ‘must have’ in most fashionista’s closets.  It has been seen on many a celebrity…

Chic in Academia,

but now can be seen on you as well!!  How you ask??  Keep reading.

You all know that I love me some fashion, and…I also love me some luxury!  That said, I ain’t no fool!!  There is no way I am dishing out nearly $1000 for a belt.  Perhaps a good, authentic used one on eBay might be an option; though the thought of paying nearly $400 for a used belt makes me cringe.  Unless…[cue drum roll please], there happened to be an amazingly similar one for a fraction of the price!

So, being the great researcher I am (wink, wink!), I searched high and low, far and wide, for something that would meet the strict requirements of my fashionably savvy, yet budget-conscious readers.  I present you with, the C. Wonder Reversible Leather Letter Belt:

Chic in Academia,

At $28 for the letter buckle and $48 for the reversible leather belt (plus a 10% in-store discount with a student ID), you too can have an Hermès-like belt in your real closet, and not just in your Pinterest closet!!  Compare the two belt buckles below:

Chic in Academia,

Pretty similar, right??  You’re welcome, again. 😉

Now, some of you may say, “Well, I feel like I’ll be buying replica”.  That’s fine!  Don’t stress.  C. Wonder carries belt buckles in every single letter of the alphabet!  In my case, it just so happens that ‘H’ stands for ‘Hidalgo’ or ‘Hungry’.  Usually the latter.

So, my chic friends, there you have it.  In my opinion, fashion should be fun and not involve a trip to bankruptcy court.  That said, I’ll also say: Let your pocketbook guide you with regard to which option suits you best!

Until next time!

-Stay ‘Chic’!

P.S. – Follow me on Instagram to see how I styled the C. Wonder version for a work-appropriate look this week!

3 thoughts on “Steal vs. Splurge – Hermès Belt!

  1. Sadie Sedley says:

    WOW!! You are such a great researcher. I even said to myself earlier when you posted that work appropriate outfit this week on Instagram- “wow she has a Hermes belt, that’s amazing!!”


    • Chic in Academia says:

      Thanks, girl!! Yes, it never even occurred to me to pass it off as an Hermes belt! Haha! I contemplated buying an Hermes belt once, but it just seemed like WAY too much money to spend on a belt. When I saw this version at the C. Wonder store, I immediately thought of my readers and purchased one to share and talk about on my blog. 🙂 I think it is a great alternative, and also one that can simply provide a way to personalize your outfit (e.g. with a letter buckle for your name, etc)!


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