Steal vs. Splurge!

Those of us watching Scandal know that Olivia Pope rocks some amazing threads on the show.  Are you all coveting her wardrobe as much as I am??

In searching for an Olivia Pope-esque coat this weekend, I happened to come across this, and knew I HAD to share it with you all!  I first came across the Splurge version, but upon performing an extensive search for similar coats sold on other websites, came across this less expensive version, the Steal:

Steal:  Yellow Bowknot Front H-line Simple Wool Blend Coat, $34.10

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 12.48.06 PM

Splurge:  OUTERWEAR BY ME Mustard Yellow Ribbon Longline Coat, $218.00

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 12.47.37 PM

Do you feel like you are seeing double??  That’s what I thought!  The description for both coats appears to describe two VERY similar coats (e.g. wool blend, exact same measurements and sizes).  $218 vs $34??  I’d be crazy not to consider the less expensive version!!  Unless…the quality was, of course, atrocious.  However, based on the descriptions, they appear to be similar – if not the same – in quality.

Still have some reservations?  Sure, not everyone is a fan of bright colors. Consider breaking out of your comfort zone with a color like mustard.  It pairs well with black, so it is definitely an easy piece to incorporate into your current wardrobe, color scheme.

Not a fan of the bow?  The placement on the coat makes me suspect that it is easily removable for a more sophisticated look (if indeed you feel the bow is in any way, girlish). Any tailor would be able to make that alteration.  Even more reason to buy the less expensive version of the coat, right?

Fear not, I did purchase the Steal version of the coat, so I will be able to provide an accurate review of the less expensive version soon!  In the meantime, I will keep an eye out for additional steals that may suit your wardrobe needs.

NOTE (November 9, 2013):  I am in the process of writing the review for this coat.  I strongly suggest you do not purchase the STEAL version of this coat until you read my review.  The quality was honestly, incredibly disappointing.

8 thoughts on “Steal vs. Splurge!

  1. LE says:

    Wow. Crazy how similar these are — can’t believe you were able to find such an exact match. What’s your secret to searching the internets for such things?!


    • Chic in Academia says:

      Awesome! I think it’s a great color and definitely very versatile! And, yes…you must start watching Scandal; it’s GREAT!


    • Chic in Academia says:

      Awesome!! I’m sure it would look great on you! And, yes, the prices and variety of clothing on the site is unreal! Thanks again for reading the blog!!


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