Getting old is for…ME??

Ugh.  I found grey hair on my head.  It used to just be the one or two.  I knew where they were.  I denied their existence and continued with my youthful life until one day about a month or two ago, I found them.  No longer the 1-2 weeds.  No.  This time, there was a FOREST.  A gaggle of them.  Hiding in the depths of my mane.

SATC Grey Hair Scene

Photo: Pinterest

So, I did what any other woman in my situation would do.  I cried.  No, really, I didn’t.  But it did make me feel quite sad.  For someone who has been confused with a 15-year old most of her life due to less than average stature, having grey hair pretty much eliminates any doubt about my age.  I’m old!  Cue sobs.  Loud ones.

Thankfully, my forest of greys is rooted on the right side of my head.  So for now, I just part my hair to the other side! 🙂  Always best to see the glass half full, right??  But, I know that won’t hold them off forever; them being the greys.  In fact, even when I try to style my hair in my default hairstyle – aka topknot/bun – the greys are evident.  So, I have found some temporary solutions that I thought some of you might find useful should you be in the same predicament I find myself in.  This is what I like to call ‘Operation Hide Greys’:

1) Mascara – Not just for tinting lashes.  This magic wand also covers greys!!  Yes!  In fact, when traveling last fall, I was caught off guard and noticed the patch of greys.  So I took the mascara brush and lightly brushed over the area that contained the grey hairs.  Voila!  Greys were masked!  Temporarily of course, but it gave me some peace of mind.  I only use Diorshow Blackout, pictured below, which on my hair, worked wonderfully.  If you have blonde hair, using mascara might not be the best solution.  So, read option 2 below.



2) Root concealer – If mascara is not a great option for you, perhaps root concealer is!  Mascara is great, but I want to save it for my lashes and not waste it on my hair.  So, I looked for alternate solutions.  This time, I took to Sephora and found this Rita Hazzan Root Concealer spray.

Rita Hazan Root Spray // http://chicinacademia.comSephora Haul,

Photos: First ( and second (Chic in Academia)

As you can see, I also picked up some other goodies that day.  Let me know if you want my review on any of the other products pictured above.  I’ll plan a separate post for that if there is enough interest!  Anyway, the root concealing spray comes in a variety of shades, but I settled on the ‘Dark Brown/Black’ spray.  For me, it proved to be a perfect match!  The other shades include Light Brown, Red, Dark Blonde, and Blonde.

Rita Hazan Root Spray Shades // http://chicinacademia.comI realize that it’s probably not long before I’ll have to start dying my hair – if I choose to dye it at all – but for now, I’ll stick to these temporary fixes.  I’d love to hear about what tactics you use to hide your greys.  Please share them with me!!  Nobody seems to talk about this stuff, so someone like me is faced with fear and shock and denial and incompetence!  Help a sister out for goodness sake!   Share your secrets!!  Seriously though, in light of the fact that I am now a grey-concealing ninja, I also contemplated putting together a video to show you how I use these products.  Leave me a comment below if you think you might be interested in that at all.

Otherwise, I continue to enjoy keeping up with you on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest!  Finally, if you happen to follow me on Pinterest, you know that I’m hosting a J Crew giveaway along with some other awesome bloggers.  Check it out!  You might just get lucky and win the pot!!

Until next time!  Stay chic!

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3 thoughts on “Getting old is for…ME??

  1. Leslie Golden says:

    I’ve been a “dye-haired” woman for more than years now (sigh) and my advice is be sure of what you are getting into. It’s more addictive than heroin.

    Then consult a professional, at least for the first effort.

    The color is always darker than it looks on the package and after a certain point, dark hair starts aging you. Also dark color, continually exposed to the sun, turns auburn. Guess how I learned that!

    On the other hand color can free you to get the shade that really “makes you feel like you.” Turned out I’m really flattered by red hair. High maintenance but so worth it.

    Once you get comfortable with a brand, don’t change brands without a patch test. (I did and ended up looking like Bozo the Clown).

    Have fun and take care of your hair!


  2. Nadine says:

    I found my first gray hair last spring. My husband was sweet enough to tell me it was blonde and I was crazy….my hair girl was honest and said but at least it is just one! Yeah, thanks!

    Did you like that pore-fessional?? I have seen it but haven’t tried it yet.


  3. June says:

    I’m in my early 30s and I’ve had gray hairs since I was in my early 20s, although in the last couple of years they have grown much more numerous. Call me crazy, but I actually like them and have no plans to dye. Mine look like highlights, and people sometimes ask me where I get my highlights done.

    I expect that I will be mostly white/gray by the time I’m 40, and I’m OK with that. In my case it is genetic though, my father has been salt and pepper since his late teens, and my mom has been gray, though she dyes, since she was in her early 30s too.


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