Getting old is for…ME??

Ugh.  I found grey hair on my head.  It used to just be the one or two.  I knew where they were.  I denied their existence and continued with my youthful life until one day about a month or two ago, I found them.  No longer the 1-2 weeds.  No.  This time, there was a FOREST.  A gaggle of them.  Hiding in the depths of my mane.

SATC Grey Hair Scene

Photo: Pinterest

So, I did what any other woman in my situation would do.  I cried.  No, really, I didn’t.  But it did make me feel quite sad.  For someone who has been confused with a 15-year old most of her life due to less than average stature, having grey hair pretty much eliminates any doubt about my age.  I’m old!  Cue sobs.  Loud ones.

Thankfully, my forest of greys is rooted on the right side of my head.  So for now, I just part my hair to the other side! 🙂  Always best to see the glass half full, right??  But, I know that won’t hold them off forever; them being the greys.  In fact, even when I try to style my hair in my default hairstyle – aka topknot/bun – the greys are evident.  So, I have found some temporary solutions that I thought some of you might find useful should you be in the same predicament I find myself in.  This is what I like to call ‘Operation Hide Greys’:

1) Mascara – Not just for tinting lashes.  This magic wand also covers greys!!  Yes!  In fact, when traveling last fall, I was caught off guard and noticed the patch of greys.  So I took the mascara brush and lightly brushed over the area that contained the grey hairs.  Voila!  Greys were masked!  Temporarily of course, but it gave me some peace of mind.  I only use Diorshow Blackout, pictured below, which on my hair, worked wonderfully.  If you have blonde hair, using mascara might not be the best solution.  So, read option 2 below.



2) Root concealer – If mascara is not a great option for you, perhaps root concealer is!  Mascara is great, but I want to save it for my lashes and not waste it on my hair.  So, I looked for alternate solutions.  This time, I took to Sephora and found this Rita Hazzan Root Concealer spray.

Rita Hazan Root Spray // http://chicinacademia.comSephora Haul,

Photos: First ( and second (Chic in Academia)

As you can see, I also picked up some other goodies that day.  Let me know if you want my review on any of the other products pictured above.  I’ll plan a separate post for that if there is enough interest!  Anyway, the root concealing spray comes in a variety of shades, but I settled on the ‘Dark Brown/Black’ spray.  For me, it proved to be a perfect match!  The other shades include Light Brown, Red, Dark Blonde, and Blonde.

Rita Hazan Root Spray Shades // http://chicinacademia.comI realize that it’s probably not long before I’ll have to start dying my hair – if I choose to dye it at all – but for now, I’ll stick to these temporary fixes.  I’d love to hear about what tactics you use to hide your greys.  Please share them with me!!  Nobody seems to talk about this stuff, so someone like me is faced with fear and shock and denial and incompetence!  Help a sister out for goodness sake!   Share your secrets!!  Seriously though, in light of the fact that I am now a grey-concealing ninja, I also contemplated putting together a video to show you how I use these products.  Leave me a comment below if you think you might be interested in that at all.

Otherwise, I continue to enjoy keeping up with you on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest!  Finally, if you happen to follow me on Pinterest, you know that I’m hosting a J Crew giveaway along with some other awesome bloggers.  Check it out!  You might just get lucky and win the pot!!

Until next time!  Stay chic!

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Thrifty Thursday’s – Nordstrom Clearance Sale

Grab your wallets!  There are some great sales going on at the moment and you don’t want to miss them!  Many of you know that I LOVE shopping at Nordstrom.  The store, online, Nordstrom Rack…all versions of Nordstrom – I love them!  So, I had to share the news about their Clearance Sale with many items currently discounted 40% off or more!  Here are some of the things I’m in love with, which also happen to be office appropriate:

Dollhouse Trench coat // Lush Print Top // BP Floral dress // Tildon Sequin Skirt // Halogen Polka Dot Midi Skirt // Sole Society Tote // BP Trapeze Tote // Gabby Skye Dress // Jessica Simpson Heels

All of the items above are $60 or less!!  Pretty amazing, right?!  And, okay, fine…so you can’t really wear the sequin skirt to work.  But you can probably wear it to your office holiday party!  Plus, it’s just super cute and fun, so I had to include it. 🙂

Anyway, I am most excited about these Steve Madden Leopard Print heels. I’ve coveted these heels for months now, but didn’t really care to pay full price.  So, I was ecstatic to see that they were 40% off!  Now, you know that I usually do not even look at something unless it’s 60% off or more, but these I just HAD to have. 🙂  Can you blame me?!  By the way, didn’t know that leopard print is the new neutral?!

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 3.20.01 PMI own a super old pair of Nine West leopard print heels that are in dire need of replacing.  Here are some of the ways I have styled them, should you decide to get a pair of the Steve Madden ones above.

My Photo Grid collage


Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 3.24.04 PMI have to tell you, it was SO hard to not buy everything I loved!!  Hopefully I can live vicariously through you, so please tell me about all of the amazing things you score by leaving a comment down below. 🙂  Meanwhile, check out my daily outfits on Instagram, source of inspiration on Pinterest, and latest musings and retweets on Twitter.

Until next time!  Stay Chic!

Thrifty Thursday’s – Calypso St. Barth

Have you heard of Calypso St. Barth before?  If you haven’t, be prepared to open your mind to a world of boho-chic clothing; shoes and accessories; exotic fabrics and prints; and this Fall…fur, cozy fabrics, and leather!

I have loved Calypso’s for some time now.  Many people might be turned off by a store like Calypso’s because they carry high-end inventory, where you might pay a cool $2,700 for a fur vest. Still, what many people don’t realize is that, like many other stores, Calypso St. Barth also has some major clearance sales!!  My first purchases included three items that I have since worn OVER and OVER.  Two of them cost $19 each, and the third – a pair of white sequin pants – $59, down $300!  I know what you’re thinking…white sequin pants?!  Trust me.  They are amazing.  Take a look for yourselves:


I also got this amazing top, which has paired well with shorts, leggings, you name it!  It was perfect for the summer!


Pretty cute, right?!  So when I was approached to participate in Calypso St. Barth’s Pink Moment at the new store in Birmingham, I jumped at the opportunity!  But, first things first: let’s talk about what I wore. 😉  Of course I had to wear something from their store, and as I was attending an event called “Pink Moment” I had to also wear pink!  So, I chose this white dress – the third item I purchased on sale for $19 – and paired it with a pink Zara jacket/blazer:


I also added this Stella and Dot Pegassus necklace, which I scored from a Stella and Dot stylist that was getting rid of all of her inventory.  I scored it for 1/3 the price!


Super excited and anxious to see what the new store looked like, I headed to Calypso’s.  The store front is as amazing as its inventory.  Pink, gold and sparkles…simply dazzling!


Inside, the decor did not disappoint.  And the clothes, shoes and accessories…well, just take a look at a few of the fabulous outfits I styled while I was there:












And check out some of their accessories.  I wanted them all!!






So guess what?!  After trying on all these amazing outfits, Calypso’s gifted me an item from their store!!  I am so grateful to Calypso’s, the amazing store manager Brittany, and the other store associates for their help and generosity.


If you are in the Birmingham area, be sure to stop by their new store at the Summit.  You won’t want to leave empty handed. They are currently running a $50 off your $300 purchase promo.  It’s also available online using code GCFALL2014.

If you decide to wait, be sure to check back in during their clearance sales events.  They are not to be missed! Stay tuned for an upcoming post where I share with you what I scored during my Pink Bag Moment. 🙂

Until next time!  Stay Chic!