Chic in Academia goes to Paris


Photo Credit/Source: Larissa Eisenstein

Well…not physically.  But I want to.  Very badly!  One day…sigh.

In the meantime, I live vicariously through my BFF (you know, best friend forever), who is currently traveling in Europe and came upon some amazing  baubles in Ol’ Pari!!  One of them, which she has planned to gift to me!!  Isn’t my bestie the BEST?! 😀

Here in the US, anyone who has visited a clothing or accessories store knows that statement necklaces are a huge trend at the moment.  Let us not forget the recent fascination with the JCrew bubble necklace:

bubble necklace

Photo Credit/Source:  Moi

Yes, this is MY bubble necklace.  Yes, I wanted one too!! LOL!

Or the Pegassus Stella and Dot necklace worn by celebrities such as Kourtney Kardashian,

Photo Credit/Source:

Shay Mitchell (Pretty Little Liars),

Photo Credit/Source:

as well as by one of my favorite bloggers, Wendy from Wendy’s Lookbook,

Wendy for Wendys Lookbook Blog wearing the Stella & Dot - Pegasus Necklace  If you want to buy or even earn this for *free*, contact me!

Photo Credit/Source:

These and other statement necklaces have been at the forefront of accessories-wear and sought after by many a bauble-afficionado, me included.

Cut to, Paris, France – fashion capital of the world.  As we all know, Paris is always at the cutting edge of fashion trends, what with its fashion houses and world-renowned designers in its midst.  So when my BFF sent me pictures of the necklaces she found while shopping in Paris, we both knew I had to share them with you all!!

Taking the bib/statement necklace trend we have seen here in the US to a whole other – let’s say couture – level, are these beauties:

Feathers, and pearls, and lace...oh my!

Feathers, and pearls, and lace…oh my!

Let's just call this feathers and crystals beauty,  'Gorgeous #1'

Let’s just call this feathers and crystals beauty, ‘Gorgeous #1’

...and 'Gorgeous #2' (a slightly darker crystal than in 'Gorgeous #1')

…and ‘Gorgeous #2’ (a slightly darker crystal than in ‘Gorgeous #1’)

Pretty in Pearls

Pretty in Pearls

Photo Credit: Larissa Eisenstein & Jesus Beltran/ Model: The beautiful and best BFF!!

Aren’t these just gorgeous!?  And what’s more, they are unique.  I cannot wait to see them in person!!  Further, I cannot thank my BFF enough for thinking of me all the way from Paris!!

Finally, the more I dabble in this whole ‘fashionista’ world, the more I realize…it’s not about wearing or having what everyone else has; it’s about having and wearing what you want and like.  So, I leave you with these quotes to inspire you to create your own fashion trends and to always…stay ‘Chic’!

“Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it.”
—Yves Saint Laurent

“Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It’s not about brands. It’s about something else that comes from within you.”
—Ralph Lauren

“I don’t do fashion.  I am fashion.”
—Coco Chanel

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