Pinspired and Instagrammed

Hi, friends!  Are you on Pinterest?  Are we friends yet??  If not, let’s be friends and pin together!  I not only pin all of my own outfits there, but also pin inspiration for outfits that are office-appropriate.  I also have boards for interior decoration, food, closet spaces, DIY’s and more!


Much of what I pin to my ‘Chic in Academia’ board is content from my Instagram account.  My Instagram feed includes daily outfit posts, including information about where I purchased each item.  So, that’s another great place to seek inspiration for work outfits if you want specific information on day-to-day basis and don’t the patience to wait for me to compile it all into a single post. 😀


Anyway, I’m thinking…we should be friends!!  Dontcha think??  I hope that one or both of these platforms can help provide some additional inspiration for your work/office outfit planning.  I look forward to hearing about your outfit plans and linking up on Pinterest and/or Instagram!

Work outfits,

Work Outfits,

Until next time!  Stay ‘Chic’!

10 thoughts on “Pinspired and Instagrammed

  1. The Nueva Latina says:

    Yay!! I followed you on Pinterest! I am excited! A lot of your outfits are what I envision wearing to work. I really need to update my work outfits!

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  2. nicolemolders says:

    I just started following you on pinterest. I would love if you would join my Top of the World pinterest group board. I would love to be added to your group boards too except for the baby one. My “baby” is a cat. I think that does not count and would not be appreciated. LOL.


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