New Year, New Style

If you’re like me, you take each new year as an opportunity to reset and start over again at baseline.  Part of that usually involves evaluating my style and figuring out if there is anything I want to change.  This is what I came up with:

In general, my style is business casual with some flair. I take risks.  I experiment with prints, pattern-mixing, and cover a variety of fashion genre’s.  See below for examples:

Floral Dress,

Insta #ootd,


This year, I think I am going to aim for looks that are a bit more classic…though with hints of flair from time to time.  I don’t really have a formula for outfits.  Most days, it’s whatever I pull out of my closet in the 30 minutes it takes me to get ready every morning.  Most of the time, however, I will have perused Pinterest and Instagram the night before for inspiration.  Here is one of the looks I found on Pinterest that inspired one of my outfits for work in 2016.  Check out the Pinterest look and then the look I came up with below:



Photo Credit: Pinterest



Pinterest and Instagram can help you come up with some ideas for outfits using existing items in  closet, or help you focus your shopping for pieces that might be missing from your wardrobe.  Be sure to follow along on Instagram if you aren’t already!  I also have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to career looks and career articles should you want to follow along for inspiration.

I hope everyone has gotten off to a great start this year!  I’m personally excited for what this year brings.  Hopefully that includes a lot of fun new clothes, shoes, and accessories! Haha!

Until next time!  Stay ‘Chic’!

Pinspired and Instagrammed

Hi, friends!  Are you on Pinterest?  Are we friends yet??  If not, let’s be friends and pin together!  I not only pin all of my own outfits there, but also pin inspiration for outfits that are office-appropriate.  I also have boards for interior decoration, food, closet spaces, DIY’s and more!


Much of what I pin to my ‘Chic in Academia’ board is content from my Instagram account.  My Instagram feed includes daily outfit posts, including information about where I purchased each item.  So, that’s another great place to seek inspiration for work outfits if you want specific information on day-to-day basis and don’t the patience to wait for me to compile it all into a single post. 😀


Anyway, I’m thinking…we should be friends!!  Dontcha think??  I hope that one or both of these platforms can help provide some additional inspiration for your work/office outfit planning.  I look forward to hearing about your outfit plans and linking up on Pinterest and/or Instagram!

Work outfits,

Work Outfits,

Until next time!  Stay ‘Chic’!