Get Yo’ Fitness On – Weeks 5 and 6

Well, friends…the end of our workout challenge has come.  Can you believe we got this far?!  Hopefully these posts have helped you find new moves to incorporate into your workouts. I have found them to be incredibly useful, and have even been able to do them while hanging out with the kids since they require little to no equipment! Here are weeks 5 and 6 to complete at your leisure:

Week 5

Week 5 Day 1 Exercises

Week 5 Day 1 Summary

Week 5 Day 2 Exercises

Week 5 Day 2 Summary

Week 5 Day 3 Exercises

Week 5 Day 3 Summary

Week 6

Week 6 Day 1 Exercises

Week 6 Day 1 Summary

Week 6 Day 2 Exercises

Week 6 Day 2 Summary

Week 6 Day 3 Exercises

Week 6 Day 3 Summary

Don’t forget that you can contact Cody Robinson at Home Fit Consulting, LLC if you want something custom tailored for you.  Otherwise, if you’re willing to wait and take your chances, you can enter to win some free personal training sessions simply by leaving a comment below!  Make sure to:

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We will select a winner and announce on this post a week from today.  Good luck, friends!

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Get Yo’ Fitness On – Week 3

Hi, Friends!  How are the workouts going??  I, for one, have found them to be super useful and they came in super handy while on vacay this past week.  Often, when traveling, one does not have access to a gym, so these workouts are the perfect solution for someone looking to workout in their hotel room or other form of lodging without a gym.  That was the case for me this past week and boy was I glad to have these on hand!

Aviate Hat,

Can you guess where I was this past week?? Hat by Aviate via Gus Mayer.

Here are your three workouts for week 3:

Day 1:

Summer Program_D1W3 Summary

Summer Program_D1W3 Exercises

Day 2:

Summer Program_D2W3 Summary

Summer Program_D2W3 Exercises

Day 3:

Summer Program_D2W3 Exercises

Summer Program_D2W3 Exercises

As an added bonus, Home Fit Consulting is also providing you with some nutrition tips! These were curated by a registered dietician, Abby Nevins of Taste and See, LLC.  Check out what she has to say below:

10 General Tips for Staying Healthy this Summer

*Try applying one tip per week. Making too many changes at once can be overwhelming!

  • Don’t Skip Meals. Your schedule may be a little looser and your typical routine may be thrown off kilter. This is not an excuse to skip meals. Plan ahead to prevent this if possible! When we get hungry, we make bad decisions.
  • Stay Hydrated. People frequently mistake their thirst for hunger. Keep a water bottle in your car so you can ensure to stay hydrated when on the go.
  • Double Fist. On the topic of hydration, make sure you always drink water in between your alcoholic beverage of choice. This will help you drink less calories during the evening and make you feel better in the morning.
  • Enjoy Fresh Seafood. If you get the chance to escape to the gulf, enjoy the fresh fish that is available. Coconut shrimp is not what I’m suggesting…grilled is your healthiest option.
  • Be Active. Enjoy the beautiful sunshine and get outside!! It will burn calories and increase your Vitamin D levels!
  • Experiment with New Fruits and Vegetables. Visit a local farmer’s market and pick up an unfamiliar item to taste. You may discover a new way to add more vitamins and minerals to your diet.
  • Save Splurges for the Weekend. Try and keep sweets and alcohol for the weekends only.
  • Be Prepared on Vacation. Take healthy snacks for the car such as low-calorie popcorn, 100-calorie packs of almonds, or an apple.
  • Keep Grilling Healthy. Choose lean meats to throw on the grill this summer. Chicken, fish, and turkey are obviously great options, but lean bison or sirloin can make for a great burger.
  • Cook at Home. Have celebrations in your own backyard instead of eating out. When on vacation, buy groceries and stay in to save on calories and money. Anytime you prepare your own food, it is a guarantee you will consume less salt, sugar and fat.

Taste and See,

For more personal information, email Registered Dietitian Abby Nevins,

Abby Nevins, MS, RD, LD, 
Taste and See, LLC


And, one more from my trip. 🙂

Until next time!  Stay ‘Chic’!

Get yo’ fitness on – Week 2 and a Mark Edge Giveaway

Okay fellow worker-outers!  I gave you a week break to recover from week 1 of Get Yo’ Fitness On, but it’s back ‘on like Donkey Kong’! I’ve managed to keep up with the workouts, so I hope you have as well.  Also, for the first time in a LONG WHILE, my hubby actually mentioned to me that I’m looking fit lately, so maybe some noticeable, physical changes are happening!

Ernieways, on to this week’s workouts (click on link for summaries exercises):

Day 1

Summer Program_D1W2 Summary,

Summer Program_D1W2 Exercises,

Day 2

Summer Program_D2W2 Summary,

Summer Program_D2W2 Exercises,

Day 3

Summer Program_D3W2 Summary,

Summer Program_D3W2 Exercises,

There you have it!  Three days of workouts for the week!  Remember, diet is also a big part of your journey to wellness and being healthy, so make healthy choices!  I’ve recently taken to protein smoothies and hard boiled eggs, and I have to say, not only are they filling, but also healthy and low in calories!  Check me out after a workout with my smoothie and hard-boiled eggs on the go:

Workout wear,

Post workout meal,

A’ight, folks!  That’s all for now.  Remember to contact Cody from Home Fit Consulting if you have any questions about any of these workouts or if you want something personalized for you.  Also, keep me posted on your progress in the comments section below.  I’d love to hear about how these workouts are working for you!

Finally, I have a giveaway on Instagram with Mark Edge Jewelry and The Style Gathering if you’re interested in participating!  Stop by my insta for additional details!

Mark Edge Jewelry,

Until next time!  Stay ‘Chic’!