An all-black look for fall

I really just wanted to stay in bed today.  I was SO tired for some reason!  If I was going to leave the house – which, honestly, there was no other option – then I was going to wear something comfy.  So, I went with this dress that I purchased from recently, threw on a pair of comfy booties, adorned the dress with a statement necklace (also new), and called it a day.  Check out what I threw together:



|| Necklace || Dress || Shoes || Bag ||


You’re going to love the dress as it is not only loose-fitting (hello, Chipotle for lunch!), but also has pockets!  The necklace is one you’re going to keep forever.  It is well-made, and sure to stand out at work; even at major formal events.  The booties come in olive and black, but the black ones are cheaper.  Black is always a great color to have and as they are all-leather, perfect for the upcoming cooler temps.  I linked the chanel tote above, but it is quite pricey. I  purchased this one on ebay YEARS ago for next to nothing (relative to what it costs retail), so definitely be on the lookout for second-hand or consigned chanel bags.

That’s all for now!  Hope to link up more of my outfits on a more frequent basis (work and home schedule permitting of course).  Otherwise, feel free to ask me directly on Instagram!

Until next time!  Stay ‘Chic’!






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