DIY Hair Color

Okay, so I have never colored my hair at home, BY MYSELF.  I was scurred to say the least.  For some time now, grays have begun to take over my head.  A once lush, landscape of dark brown hair, has now begun to turn into a sea of wild grays, slowly overtaking the dark colored strands.  SIGH.  So, hair color it is.

But.  Hair coloring entails going to the salon, at least a 2-hour endeavor, and money.  This also, apparently, needs to happen every 4-6 weeks.  My hair grows relatively quickly, so my range is more like 3-4 weeks rather than 4-6 weeks.  Anywho.  A friend of mine mentioned that she uses Garnier hair color, so at $7 for the box, I figured, why not try it!

Well, leave it to me to try it the night before a big trip and at 10pm no less.  So there was no chance I was going to have a plan B,  entailing going to the salon to have them fix whatever horrors resulted from me trying to color my own hair.  I had a box that had been sitting around for months, and off to the bathroom I went.


My hair is not naturally black in color, so I figured I would try the darkest brown color.  In all honesty, I think it is still too dark for my hair, so I MAY try the next lighter shade.  We shall see. But, darkest brown it is for now.  It’s not TERRIBLE though.  Here’s a pic I took the next day at a Blow Dry Bar salon. [ That is sparkling water and fruit, btw.  Not booze, lol.]


I don’t know you if you can tell, but unlike natural hair color – as in one’s biological hair color – store bought hair dye makes your hair color completely uniform.  Unless of course you employ a special technique to add color variation.  But hello – I already explained that I barely knew how to apply this DIY hair color, so there was no way I was going to even attempt to do anything fancier.

hair color,

So, uniformly colored dark hair I have!  I don’t think it looks terrible, though, again, think I will try something a bit lighter next time.  My grays, btw, were completely hidden after the one application of hair color.  The instructions specifically say that you need to leave the hair color in an additional 5 minutes in order to achieve complete coloring.  It is entirely likely that a gaggle of grays in the back of my head remain alive and gray, since I did this myself and didn’t take the time to look in a mirror before I washed out the dye. LOL.  But, it is what it is!

In conclusion, I definitely recommend this brand of hair color should you decide to color your own hair at home – and no, this is not a sponsored post, haha.  The price point is amazing, I didn’t react unpleasantly to it (e.g. it does not seem to be too harsh a dye for my scalp/skin), and my hair remains pretty soft after dying it!  I do recommend you read the instruction booklet in full, AND definitely use the gloves provided.  Also remember to wear an old t-shirt or some other garment that you won’t mind getting dye on.  OH!  And, wear something that buttons open should you decide to wash it out in the shower and not in the sink.  Otherwise,  you risk getting hair dye on your top when it comes off over your head.  No bueno. (It happened to me.)

That is all, friends!  Let me know if you have any other tips or techniques you would like to share with me!  I’m also open to any ideas for other brands of hair dyes!

Shop Garnier Hair Color here.

Until next time!  Stay ‘Chic’!

4 thoughts on “DIY Hair Color

  1. Southern Señora says:

    First of all…welcome to the club and you did a great job! I have been self coloring for many years now. I use the espresso color by Feria. My hair dresser always said to use setting lighter since my hair is black – otherwise I would look like one of those blue haired ladies! Ha! I love being able to take care of this myself too. Saves some $$ and time just as you said!

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  2. Cheryl says:

    Box dyes do leave a monotone color. They also contain chemicals that damage your hair and have been identified as carcinogens. That is why I went with henna. It is natural, no toxic chemicals, comes in a variety of colors and the color and shine cannot be matched by salon or box color. I started last year when I decided I was seeing to many grays. Having a second set of hands to help apply it makes the job much easier. I told my guy that being he cuts my hair, he needs to be my colorist as well. So I have him do my henna color every three months. I freeze the leftover henna for him to touch up my roots at the six week mark. The henna leaves my hair really soft as it deep conditions. As the grays get more prevalent, I may need to cut the time between root touch ups. I think the skunk stripe look when women go too long between coloring looks silly. My guy has also noticed I have fewer split ends when he trims my hair every other month. I have noticed my comb glides through my hair easier with fewer tangles. I also have my guy use Vaseline on my forehead, ears, and neckline so the henna does not stain my skin. If you forget, windex can be used to remove staining from hair color.


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