Valentine’s Day with Verizon

Perhaps you have been super busy like my hubby and I have been, and have not had any time to make any Valentine’s Day plans.  In fact, he works pretty late tonight, so we may just have to spend a quite night in.

Thankfully, technology makes that pretty easy and enjoyable to do nowadays.  I was recently able to get my hands on the oh-so-coveted Samsung Galaxy Tab, and am loving it! Not only would it make a great gift for your significant other (hint, hint!), but if you already own one, provides a way to create some low-key, but still romantic at-home entertainment for the day or evening. Use your tablet or smartphone to help you plan your evening with some of the following ideas:


Set up your own movie theater and watch all your favorite movies from almost anywhere. Most of the newer DVD releases come with a digital copy, so you can keep your movie library on your Verizon smartphone or tablet. If it doesn’t, download your favorite flick using one of these apps.

Chic in Academia,


Try hosting a couples night – invite your friends over to play one of these board game apps.

Chic in Academia,


Perhaps you want to put all of your energy towards an amazing dinner at home.  There are lots of recipe sites to draw inspiration from, but my favorite by far is Pinterest.  It’s easy to search through, provides lots of visuals and links to blogs/sites with step by step instructions.  A simple ‘Valentine’s day dinner romantic’ search yielded the following results:

Chic in Academia,

Also, in case you were wondering, this one in particular is a Verizon Wireless compatible tablet.  My hubby happens to be one who can help set you up with Verizon products and services, so contact him through me (Mike at if you need to secure a gift TODAY or anytime after that! This tablet can be yours for as little as $19 a month!

Otherwise, hope you all have a lovely Valentine’s Day!  I leave you with this to close:

Chic in Academia,
Until next time!  Stay ‘Chic’!

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