How to Host a Galentine’s Day Party


Photography by Mary Margaret Photography

I love to host.  Parties, birthdays, you name it.  I love the detail that goes into the preparation, but most of all, I really enjoy the set up and decorating.  I’ve always wanted to throw a dinner party with a true tablescape and decor so a Galentine’s Day celebration was the perfect excuse.

So, where do you start??  If you don’t have a lot of money to dedicate to such an event, or if you simply don’t WANT to spend a lot of money on the event, then you take what you have and make the most of it!  You also invite friends who can make the event FAB.  In this case, Vasu of The Nutritious Bite and Lexi Mota of The Cakerie were on board to help with food!!  Vasu made an brie with green apples and pecan dressing, green bean bundles wrapped in bacon (YUM!), and THE most amazing superfood salad with avocado dressing. I mean, DELISH.  Lexi made individual heart shaped cakes, with fresh raspberry filling and the most decadent buttercream frosting.  Lexi went to culinary school, and it showed in her baking because the cake was seriously the best cake I’ve had in a while.  If you need a cake, she’s your girl.  AH-mazing.  Finally, Tropicaleo, a Puerto Rican restaurant soon to open at Pizitz Food Hall, provided a delicious plantain soup to complete the meal.  Please visit their websites to read about their tutorials and also to get the recipes!  Here’s a sneak peak to pique your interest:




Once the menu was planned, it was time to get to the other details:  decor!  My friend Heather of My Life Well Loved has an amazing friend, Sara of Gold Leaf Floral who provided floral arrangements for our bash.   They arrangements were AMAZING. Can I also mention that the floral arrangements lasted DAYS after the dinner party??!  And, they were oh, so fragrant!!  She’s really so super talented!


{By the way, Heather has a great post detailing an affordable Valentine’s Day outfit on her blog that you will want to make sure you check out!}



Sarah graciously connected me with Ginger of Swan Lindsey Lettering, who made the cutest oragami name cards to complete the place setting decor.  I gave her the names of everyone who was going to be attendance and we all shared a Pinterest board and off each went to create magic!  The name cards were the cutest!



Sometime before Christmas, I purchased wood chargers because I was hopeful that our kitchen remodel would be done and I would be able to use them for Christmas or NYE. Sadly, they sat unused as our kitchen remodel is just now on the verge of being complete (we are about 99.8% done now, with just a few minor details left to complete), and it occurred to me that they would be perfect for this Galentine’s Day dinner.  I used china that I owned, my own utensils, a crochet runner that my mom made and gifted me when I bought my house in AL, and a heart garland I found in the Dollar Spot at Target.  Target is also the place where I found a tassel garland that I hung over backs of the two chairs you see when you walk in the room.  Oh  yeah, I also had votives from long ago that I often use during Christmas time, so I pulled those out and put in a candle in each to add a bit of romantic flare to the table.  Two blush pink mercury vases added the final touch to the tablescape!  The two vases were also from the Dollar Spot at Target.





At some point during the dinner, I knew we were going to want to toast, so I pulled out some plastic champagne flutes that I keep for New Year’s toasts, bought some heart shaped Peeps, and red and white straws, and dressed up the pink moscato champagne I had chilling in the fridge for our Galentine’s Day toast!



Last but not least, my friend Brittany of Southern Mama Guide joined us for dinner and since she and I were both going to have littles around, we agreed to have a good friend of mine who often babysits for me, keep all the littles in the basement while the mama’s dined and wined upstairs.  It worked perfectly and Shira if you’re reading this, we were so grateful!!  Brittany has a great post sharing a fun Valentine’s Day outfit if you still need ideas for an outfit of the night!

Oh, one other thing:  I thought it would be super fun to have “swag bags” for my friends to take with them when they left, so I am beyond thankful to Fabrik in Homewood, AL who provided the CUTEST parting gifts for my guests!



I was honestly amazed at how well it came together.  I was super nervous about it all, but so grateful to all these women who helped make it a success!  I’ve linked all of their blogs and websites throughout the post, so be sure to click and visit each of their pages and follow them along on social media.  They are each amazingly talented entrepreneur mama’s!


So there you have it!  My low-key, low-expense way to throw a Galentine’s Day party together.  What are your plans for Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day??  Check out my last post for a fun accessory idea for the big day!

Until next time!  Stay ‘Chic’!


Valentine’s Day with SammyDress

Disclosure:  I partnered with SAMMYdress for this post, however all opinions are my own.




I was recently introduced to SAMMYdress — an online clothing, jewelry, shoes, make up, you-name-it-they-have-it company.  AND, they have men’s clothing too!!  My first impression of the site was: SERIOUSLY?!  Are their prices really that low??  As I perused their clothing section, I realized that not only were prices amazingly affordable, but that the fit and quality appears to be quite decent.  Many of the items listed on their website include photos from prior purchasers wearing the items.  Most also include a review from the individual indicating what size they are and what size they ordered from the website.  This gives one a decent idea about the garment as well as what size one might want to order.

Currently, SAMMYdress is hosting a Valentine’s Day promo. The following promo codes are available with every purchase:


15% discount through February 20th.


Permanent, has no expiration date.

Subtract $ 3 $ 30 + $ 5 Off $ 40 +, $ 8 Off $ 60 + $ 10 Off $ 80 +, $ 14 Off $ 100 + $ 18 Off $ 150 + $ 30 Off $ 200 + $ 35 off $ 250

The more you buy, the greater the discount.

As mentioned previously, the website carries a wide variety of garment and other items. Some of the items may be considered a bit risqué for some, haha, so be forewarned that you may come across them as you navigate the pages of the website.  Otherwise, consider this a site where you can find some über affordable threads should your pocketbook be suffering after the holidays!

Be sure to drop me a note in the comments section below if you happen to order from the site!  I have not yet ordered, but may be doing so as I prepare for V-day!  I have my eye on a couple of dresses and hope they will arrive in time for the holiday.  Oh yeah, that reminds me: As I have not yet ordered, I have no idea what shipping times are like, so if you order, keep in mind that shipping times may vary.

Good luck and happy shopping!

Until next time!  Stay ‘Chic’!



Valentine’s Day with Verizon

Perhaps you have been super busy like my hubby and I have been, and have not had any time to make any Valentine’s Day plans.  In fact, he works pretty late tonight, so we may just have to spend a quite night in.

Thankfully, technology makes that pretty easy and enjoyable to do nowadays.  I was recently able to get my hands on the oh-so-coveted Samsung Galaxy Tab, and am loving it! Not only would it make a great gift for your significant other (hint, hint!), but if you already own one, provides a way to create some low-key, but still romantic at-home entertainment for the day or evening. Use your tablet or smartphone to help you plan your evening with some of the following ideas:


Set up your own movie theater and watch all your favorite movies from almost anywhere. Most of the newer DVD releases come with a digital copy, so you can keep your movie library on your Verizon smartphone or tablet. If it doesn’t, download your favorite flick using one of these apps.

Chic in Academia,


Try hosting a couples night – invite your friends over to play one of these board game apps.

Chic in Academia,


Perhaps you want to put all of your energy towards an amazing dinner at home.  There are lots of recipe sites to draw inspiration from, but my favorite by far is Pinterest.  It’s easy to search through, provides lots of visuals and links to blogs/sites with step by step instructions.  A simple ‘Valentine’s day dinner romantic’ search yielded the following results:

Chic in Academia,

Also, in case you were wondering, this one in particular is a Verizon Wireless compatible tablet.  My hubby happens to be one who can help set you up with Verizon products and services, so contact him through me (Mike at if you need to secure a gift TODAY or anytime after that! This tablet can be yours for as little as $19 a month!

Otherwise, hope you all have a lovely Valentine’s Day!  I leave you with this to close:

Chic in Academia,
Until next time!  Stay ‘Chic’!