Battle of the bulge

So…here’s the thing.  I stand at 5’1″ tall, which by most standards, is in fact considered pretty short.  Yes, even for a woman.  So when I gain weight, the slightest amount is quite obvious on my pint-sized body!!

Now, yes, I did just have a baby…11 weeks ago to be exact (yay me!).  Healthy baby boy, weighed 8 lbs 12oz at birth.  I exercised right up until the day before he was born, in hopes that there would be little weight for me to lose post-partum.

Alas, it appears I was somewhat unsuccessful.

Exhibit A


11 weeks later, I remain 11.2 lbs heavier than I did pre-pregnancy.  So, herein begins the battle of the bulge!!

Yesterday was Day 1 of the battle!!  I worked out for 30 minutes – my very first post-partum workout – and did some strength training as well (e.g. weights for arms, ‘girl’-pushups, abdominal exercises, lunges, and squats).  Total workout time was about 45 minutes.  I haven’t modified my diet too much yet, as I am still nursing (post soon to follow on my Adventures in Breastfeeding), but am definitely trying to eat a bit healthier.

Anyhow, here I am; hook, line, and sinker!  Putting it out there so that you can hold me accountable!  Or, perhaps, provide some encouragement. 🙂  My sister gets married in 25 days (countdown on my page), so the goal is to hopefully have some measurable results by then.  A bit ambitious you say?  Yes!!  But, you have to start somewhere!

Are you engaged in a battle against the bulge??  Share your tips with me!  I’d love to hear them!!