Battle of the bulge

So…here’s the thing.  I stand at 5’1″ tall, which by most standards, is in fact considered pretty short.  Yes, even for a woman.  So when I gain weight, the slightest amount is quite obvious on my pint-sized body!!

Now, yes, I did just have a baby…11 weeks ago to be exact (yay me!).  Healthy baby boy, weighed 8 lbs 12oz at birth.  I exercised right up until the day before he was born, in hopes that there would be little weight for me to lose post-partum.

Alas, it appears I was somewhat unsuccessful.

Exhibit A


11 weeks later, I remain 11.2 lbs heavier than I did pre-pregnancy.  So, herein begins the battle of the bulge!!

Yesterday was Day 1 of the battle!!  I worked out for 30 minutes – my very first post-partum workout – and did some strength training as well (e.g. weights for arms, ‘girl’-pushups, abdominal exercises, lunges, and squats).  Total workout time was about 45 minutes.  I haven’t modified my diet too much yet, as I am still nursing (post soon to follow on my Adventures in Breastfeeding), but am definitely trying to eat a bit healthier.

Anyhow, here I am; hook, line, and sinker!  Putting it out there so that you can hold me accountable!  Or, perhaps, provide some encouragement. 🙂  My sister gets married in 25 days (countdown on my page), so the goal is to hopefully have some measurable results by then.  A bit ambitious you say?  Yes!!  But, you have to start somewhere!

Are you engaged in a battle against the bulge??  Share your tips with me!  I’d love to hear them!!

2 thoughts on “Battle of the bulge

  1. angie says:

    Be kind to your post baby body…the weight will come off. I swear breastfeeding was the best diet I ever found.. .I nursed, ate ice cream daily and was still my thinnist. With both babies, the last ten pounds fell off around the five month mark.


  2. Chic in Academia says:

    Thanks, Angie! Yes, I definitely plan to take things slow and not stress too much about it. If not for my sister’s wedding, I would definitely not be considering any additional weight loss. Still, I do like the idea of having the wedding as a motivator to get me back to being active and eating healthy for the baby. I completely agree that breastfeeding is doing wonders for my metabolism! I have been completely surprised by what I am able to eat without gaining any additional weight!

    Thanks for your comments and I’m glad to hear that they may be hope for some additional ‘natural’ weight loss in the months to come! 🙂


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