A Fresh Start with Click Salon and Monkee’s of Mountain Brook

Last year (wow, can you believe I’m saying that?!) I had a cinderella moment.  Actually, I felt a more like Pretty Woman, you know.  Except without the whole hooker thing… LOL.  Do you remember that line from She’s All That, circa 1999??  I die, haha!  And, I digress…

Anywho!  The experience was magical.  First I went to Click Salon in Pepper Place (Birmingham, AL).  It’s tucked away in the back part of the Pepper Place complex, although I supposed one could argue it is actually the front of the shopping center.




I had an appointment with Lindsey and she was FANTASTIC.  I needed color and a trim, so she got right on it.  Oh yeah, and btw, they serve wine!!  So, I had a glass, obvi. 😉


Chic In Academia Click + Monkees Instagram -1

Chic In Academia Click + Monkees Instagram -2

Chic In Academia Click + Monkees Instagram -4

Chic In Academia Click + Monkees Instagram -6-2

Chic In Academia Click + Monkees Instagram -6

Chic In Academia Click + Monkees Instagram -3

Next up, was shopping at Monkee’s of Mountain Brook.  I had never been in the store before, so I was excited to peruse their inventory.  I have to say, I was impressed with the mix of middle-to-high priced inventory. Everything from $20 fur poms to $400 Tom Ford sunnies.  Perfect for the woman who likes to mix it up!  I tried on a variety of items in the store and walked away with an amazing sheared rabbit fur vest from 525 Luxe.  I’m in love with it.  I left coveting the black dress with tulle shoulders, but may have to pick it up another time. 😉  Check out some of the fab items Monkee’s carries, below.

Chic In Academia Click + Monkees Instagram -10

Chic In Academia Click + Monkees Instagram -9

Chic In Academia Click + Monkees Instagram -12

Chic In Academia Click + Monkees Instagram -11

Chic In Academia Click + Monkees Instagram -14

I had an amazing time and so can you!! If you are looking for a fresh start in 2016, perhaps these two places can provide just what you need.  Click Salon can give your mane the treatment it deserves, and then you can hop over to Monkee’s for a makeover!  Melissa Cunningham-Campbell is the owner of Monkee’s, but also an excellent fashion advisor if you are looking for some guidance.  A side-note about the store:  They occasionally carry vintage Chanel, so if you are in the market, make sure to let Melissa know!  She will take care of you!

Finally, I wish you an amazing first day of 2016!!  So much awaits us all this year.  Cheers to an amazing year!!!

Until next time!  Stay ‘Chic’!

**Most images in this post were provided courtesy of Stephanie J Gilbert of Small Talk Social.

Wishing You a ‘Chic’ New Year



“The secret to getting ahead is getting started.” – Mark Twain

On the last day of 2015, I am reflecting and planning for the upcoming year. Chic in Academia has grown in ways I never imagined and I have you all to thank for that!  Your insurmountable support is unequaled, and I am forever grateful to you for that.  An added special thanks to all my sponsors this year.  You have made blogging such a fun-filled adventure!!

Personally, I also learned a great deal about myself.  I learned that my body breaks down when I take on too much and that the elusive work-life balance is something that I had not managed to attain this year.  2016 will be different, I hope!  That’s where the planning and goal-setting comes in.

This past week, I made time to plan for 2016.  Uncharted waters are ahead both professionally as well as for CIA (you know, Chic in Academia).  As such – and in an effort to ensure some form of success – I endeavored to plan by setting goals.  Part of that included creating a mission statement. A couple of friends of mine shared this with me, so in turn I am sharing this with you!  One of them happens to also blog and pens the blog Olivia Adventures.  To begin to set goals, one must first decide on a personal mission statement.  The following comes from the Leadership Development Institute at Kent State:

A personal mission statement answers questions like these:

        -What do I want from my life?
        -What do I value?
        -What are my talents?
        -At the end of my life, what do I want to have accomplished?

A personal mission statement is the beginning of personal leadership. It sets guidelines for life. By referring to it and internalizing its meaning, we make choices that serve values and reject the things that oppose them.

Once I had a personal mission statement in mind, I began my goal-setting.  My goals are divided into the following categories: 1) Family, 2) Academia, 3) Blog, 4) Me.  Not in that order, and not all carrying the same weight.  Most importantly, I remembered to include myself in this plan.  This is something I had forgotten to do in the past.


I bought the planner pictured above to help me keep things organized.  It has a page per day for to-do lists and note-taking, which is ideal for me.  I do use my Gmail calendar to keep track of day-to-day meetings and events, though.

The planner is a Day Designer.  I had one last year and really helped me stay organized.  Or, you know, more so than I would have been otherwise, haha.  It is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also well-constructed!  Although a ring binder, the rings held up all year despite daily use and wear!  It comes in two sizes, though I opted for the largest size.  Additional details and pricing can be found here: The Day Designer.  If you cannot commit to the planner, but want to take advantage of some of the planning tools they offer, be sure to download their free planning printables.  I plan to use them as well!

One of my goals for 2016 is to read.  Read anything and everything.  I think it will help me become a better writer, which is the goal of many academics, I believe.  So, I started with Amy Cuddy’s “Presence”.  It follows her über successful Ted Talk, “Your body language shapes who you are”.  Have you seen it?  If not, watch below:


I was super inspired when I watched the talk, but the book is even BETTER.  Many of the pages include text that I swear I could have written myself.  It’s as if she is speaking to me in many of her anecdotes!  I posted the picture below on Instagram and guess what??  We’re Instagram buddies now.  That’s right, we’re insta-besties. 😉  Seriously though, she followed me back and I had a little happy dance moment.


In closing, I hope that you will stick around and watch what 2016 has in store for CIA!  I would also love to know more about what you would like me to write/post about.  Though a lover of surveys, I thought instead I would ask you to leave comments below with some of the things you would like to see on the blog/Instagram/Facebook/Pinterest/Twitter.  I very curious to read what you have in mind!

Finally, I wish you all a fruitful, productive, healthy 2016!!  May you achieve every goal you set and may you be even more ‘Chic’ than you already are!


Until next year!  Stay ‘Chic’!



Holiday OOTD

I LOVE the month of December.  Just love it.  I love the spirit around December holidays in general, I just happen to celebrate Christmas. 🙂  It had been a while since my family had professional pictures taken, so for this year’s Christmas card, I decided to get some professional pics done.  We worked with Rachel and Noah Ray and had a blast!!  I had NO idea what we should or would wear, but ended up wearing this as one of the outfits:



Outfit details:

The skirt – I knew I wanted to wear a tulle skirt at some point during the photo shoot, so I went from store to store in search of one.  I was not having any luck finding one and then decided to search the girl’s department at Target.  Eureka!  They had tons!!  This one is an XL which is the equivalent of a Small/Medium I would say.  And, it was only $13!!

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 6.33.29 PM

Girl’s Red Skirt  – $12.99

The Top – The boys were all going to wear white button down’s, so I went with a plain white boat neck tee.  Actually, it’s my favorite tee for layering at the moment.  It’s super soft, 3/4 sleeved, and hits at the hip.  Also, it’s only $12!  Also from Tarjay. 😉

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 6.41.59 PM

Women’s Boatneck Tee, $12.00

The Jacket/Cape – They boys wore buffalo plaid hats, so I knew this capelet would be perfect for the shoot!  It’s generously sized, so this one is an XS because I normally buy a Small in garments like this one.

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 6.58.20 PM

BB Dakota Cape – $52.50 and here

The Booties – I actually wore another pair of shoes as well, but put these one to wear with the skirt.  I love these booties.  They are a bit ruched, the heel is not too high (for me), and they were quite affordable! #winning


Slouchy Faux Suede Booties, $34.90


We just took the photos today, so I don’t have any to show you (obvi!), but hope to post some on Instagram when we do!!  Until then, hope this outfit provides some inspiration for your holiday shoot, holiday party-going, or perhaps one of the December holidays!

Until next time!  Stay ‘Chic’!