Pinspired and Instagrammed

Hi, friends!  Are you on Pinterest?  Are we friends yet??  If not, let’s be friends and pin together!  I not only pin all of my own outfits there, but also pin inspiration for outfits that are office-appropriate.  I also have boards for interior decoration, food, closet spaces, DIY’s and more!


Much of what I pin to my ‘Chic in Academia’ board is content from my Instagram account.  My Instagram feed includes daily outfit posts, including information about where I purchased each item.  So, that’s another great place to seek inspiration for work outfits if you want specific information on day-to-day basis and don’t the patience to wait for me to compile it all into a single post. 😀


Anyway, I’m thinking…we should be friends!!  Dontcha think??  I hope that one or both of these platforms can help provide some additional inspiration for your work/office outfit planning.  I look forward to hearing about your outfit plans and linking up on Pinterest and/or Instagram!

Work outfits,

Work Outfits,

Until next time!  Stay ‘Chic’!


Whomever said elephants were irrelevant in fashion, never met a fashionista with a liking of elephants on clothing.  I posted a picture of my #ootd (i.e. ‘outfit of the day’) on Instagram, which included an elephant print top, and people went bananas!  This happened one other time when I posted a giraffe-print top, and now again with the following elephant-print top:

Elephant top,

Unfortunately, the top appears to be sold out, so I took to the ‘internets’ to search for some suitable alternatives!  Here are some of the ones I found:

Elephant top, http://chicinacademia.comDetails: Elephant Print Top, $25.99, here



Elephant Top, http://chicinacademia.comDetails:  Boho Elephant Print Top, $23.80, here

Elephant Top,

Details:  Elephant Print Crop Tank Top, $12.50, here

Elephant top,

Details: White Elephant Print Tshirt, $18.91, here

Elephant top,

Details: Elephant Print High-Low Tank Top, $24.99, here

Elephant Top,

Details:  Elephant Print Tank Top (also comes in black and white), $8.99, here

Elephant top,

Details: Off-shoulder Elephant-Print Top, $26.90, here

Elephant Top,

Details: Crew Neck Elephant Top, $10.27, here

Let me know if you happen to find any other options while searching for other tops yourself.  I will also make sure to update this post if I happen to find any identical to mine. 🙂

Until next time!  Stay ‘Chic’!




Shop much?

A year or so ago, I purchased a few items from what used to be  They have since changed their name to and have also changed a few things about they clothing they sell.  For one, it no longer appears to be sized for 12-year old girls.  At least 12-year old American girls!  Seriously, though.  A few of the pieces I got the first time around were sized incredibly small.  I’m not tall, but these definitely did not appear to be clothes that should be worn by regular-sized women.

Cut to a month ago: I noticed that lots bloggers were wearing SheIn clothing again.  So, I decided to give them another try.  Boy, am I glad I did!  They have on-trend items, which are quite affordably-priced.  Here are a few of the items I got:

Details:  Tunic Dress // Lace Top // Skirt

Every item from SheIn worn in the photos above was less than $20!  The skirt was only $14 if that gives you a sense of the affordability.  The one caveat about shopping on is that you have to be very aware of the sizing when ordering.  Although they have gotten better about catering to American body types, sizing does still vary by item and some items are one-size fits all or may change depending on the cut for the garment.  That said, I was able to stick to small’s and medium’s for the most part.  Note that I am also somewhat vertically challenged, so items like the blue and white tunic dress might fit others more like a tunic top than a tunic dress, haha.  Finally, shipping times can vary from days to 1-2 weeks.  To ease your anxiety, SheIn provides tracking information so you can plan receipt of your package accordingly! 🙂

Otherwise, I say, go wild and fill up your online shopping cart!  It’s a great place to back-to-school shop for teenagers, college students, and even young professionals like myself.  Wait…am I still considered a young professional!?  Gawd, I hope so!  😛

Until next time!  Stay ‘Chic’!