‘Chic’ken Florentine Pasta

Hehe, see what I did there?  ‘Chic’ken??  LOL  Okay, you get it, haha.  I’ve been in somewhat of a rut when it comes to dinner lately, so I thought I would try something new today.  I’ve also struggled to get more veggies into the kids’ meals, sigh.  Anywho, I took a couple of recipes I found online and made my own version of Chicken Florentine!

The recipe is super simple and will take you about 30-35 minutes to make.  Perfect for a weeknight, but best for a Sunday night since there will be plenty of left overs to warm up during the busy work/school nights!

Chicken florentine, http://chicinacademia.com

My kids loved this!!  They didn’t LOVE the red roasted tomatoes, haha, but they simply set those aside.  Here’s the jar I bought, which also happens to be the only jar of red roasted tomatoes they had at my store, haha.

tomatoes, http://chicinacademia.com

I’m certain any brand would work, so long as you buy a jar in the 7-8 ounce range.  I also bought the store brand chicken broth, pasta, and heavy whipping cream, so there was nothing super fancy about the items I bought.  Oh, and the spinach was the kind that came pre-washed in a bag. 🙂

Chicken Florentine, http://chicinacademia.com


  1. Cook the ziti pasta according to the directions on the box. Drain and set aside. (I used an entire box)
  2. In a large pan, cook chicken tenders as you would normally. I seasoned with garlic salt only. Remove from pan and set aside.
  3. Next, drain the oil from the sun dried tomatoes and add them to the pan with the garlic (I diced mine) and sauté for a few minutes.
  4. Add the chicken, whipping cream, milk, chicken broth, and shredded cheese. Stir until the sauce is smooth and bubbly and the cheese is melted. It will start to thicken up slightly.
  5. Finally, add in the cooked pasta and spinach – the spinach will start to cook down almost immediately. Add 1 extra round of the whipping cream, chicken broth and milk, if you want more sauce, or additional cheese if you want a cheesier pasta.

That’s all!  Super easy, right?? Let me know what you think if you decide to make it!  Can’t wait to hear!!

Chicken Florentine , http://chicinacademia.com

Until next time!  Stay Chic!


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