Oh, nuts!

Mustache Trunks

Oh, nuts!! Did you know that November was men’s health month?  I didn’t!! Although we are now a day into December, I am partnering with Tommy John and the Testicular Cancer Foundation on Giving Tuesday to help them raise testicular cancer awareness. While it’s certainly a man’s issue, I’d love to get women involved in raising awareness, since a diagnosis can affect entire families. We can all be procrastinators, but sometimes we listen when our friends, family, and peers help us realize the importance of early screening.


Some quick facts about testicular cancer:

  • One male is diagnosed with testicular cancer every hour

  • It is the most easily detected form of cancer

  • It has the highest survival rate when caught early

How is Tommy John helping?

  • They are giving 5% of all sales coming from our limited edition “Mustache and Ball” collection

  • They are contributing $10 for each purchase made by new customers who were referred by someone else

  • They are donating $1 for each entry in our Instagram contest up to $1,000 (more on that below)

What’s in it for you?!


So, remind your friends, hubby, dad, all XY’s to get screened if they are of age.  They should speak with their doctor to determine when is best, especially those with a family history of cancer.  For more information on testicular cancer screening, visit the Testicular Cancer Foundation.


Until next time!  Stay ‘Chic’!

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