Chic with Trendlee

Disclaimer:  I partnered with Trendlee for this post, however all opinions are my own.

Ever wished you could own a high-end, designer bag, but didn’t want to pay full retail price??? Well, welcome to the club my friends. In order to have the collection I do, I have resorted to eBay or friends for gently-used, second-hand bags; with the exception of a few that my hubby has gifted me. 🙂

So, cue Trendlee.  Trendlee is a luxury, preowned handbag website where you can buy certified bags at discounted prices.  They even have financing available!  Check them out if you get a moment.  I had the opportunity to try one of their bags and of course, selected a Chanel bag.  Le duh, lol.  Seriously though, the bag is fab!!




Trendlee is the premier destination for pre-owned luxury handbags online. They democratize luxury by sourcing and acquiring unique handbags across the United States and making them available online on Trendlee at high discounts compared to retail prices.

They are a highly curated and specialize in luxury brands such as Hermes, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Celine…All their pieces have been previously owned, but they don’t feel like it. They also usually only have one of each item so get it now…before someone else does!   Check out their statement on their promise for authenticity below:

PROMISE: Authenticity Guarantee, Free Returns & Premium Service

We take authenticity extremely seriously and guarantee it for all our items. We have purchased these handbags from individual owners and own each of them. Our in-house experts review all handbags and we provide third-party authenticity certificates from experts. We will never let you down. We will reimburse your money back if any of our item is proven unauthentic.

Please note that our experts are independent from all brands that we carry. Brands are not involved in the authentication process. They are not responsible for any products purchased from or through the website, and do not guarantee the authenticity of goods sold. Certificates of authenticity do not come from and are not binding for brands. The authenticity guarantee is provided solely by Trendlee.

We also offer free returns (in the US only), whatever the reason. Feel free to buy the handbag of your dream and see if you like it. Had a change of heart? No problem! We’ll get it back from you for free.

When you purchase on Trendlee, you transact directly with our company. There is no third-party here and you will get premium service including tracked and fast shipping (receive your item within 2-4 business days) and 7 days availability by phone (1-855-700-7929), email ( or chat.

With the rise of collaborative consumption, shopping behaviours in our society are changing quickly. Embrace the trend and shop Trendlee today!


Don’t care to buy, but maybe want to resell your designer handbags??

Trendlee recommends, the easiest way to sell your designer handbags! Simply submit a picture of your handbags to receive a guaranteed quote. Schedule a pickup in NYC or LA, or receive a free shipping box/label anywhere in the US. Get paid within 2-3 days upon receipt of your item. No consignment, no trick, no work!

So check them out if this interests you!  You may be one click away from getting a new designer bag!!

Until next time!  Stay ‘Chic’!

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