Chic’s Weeknight Recipes

I’ve been in somewhat of a cooking rut lately, so I took to Pinterest to identify recipes that might help inspire me in the kitchen. I know that food isn’t related to fashion, but I’m also a momma, so don’t be surprised if non-fashion-related posts creep into my blog from time to time!  Anywho, I found some recipes I thought would be worth trying, so I wanted to share them with you!!

If you’re like me, there is very little time to experiment with cooking, cook on the fly, or spend more than 30 minutes on a dish during the week.  Also, in my case, the kids are usually starving the minute we walk in the door, so I have little to no time to prepare something before they take to the snack drawer like a bunch of savages!  Here, I’ve identified some recipes that either take very little prep time OR that you can leave cooking in the crock pot and have ready to serve when you walk in the door!  Take a look at some of the ones I found (click on the pics or blog names for actual recipes):

1.  Stuffed Zucchini via Katrina Runs for Food.  This one says it requires 30 minutes of prep time for the stuffing and 30 minutes for the zucchini boats, but I think I will prepare them currently (bake the zucchini while prepping the stuffing) and save 30 minutes.  I’ll try it and keep you posted!

stuffedzucchini2_thumbPhoto: Katrina Runs for Food

2.  Lime and Coconut Chicken via Pinned by Dani – I LOVE cilantro, and although my hubby doesn’t, he might eat this if I use a smaller amount…perhaps.  Maybe??  Anyhow, lime and coconut chicken (add cilantro) with a side of basmati rice sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

lime coconut chickenPhoto: Pinned by Dani

3.  Beef Stir Fry via Fitness Magazine. This one looks pretty easy and tasty!  My boys all love Mexican-inspired food, so this one would likely be a hit.

101697172_wPhoto: Fitness Magazine

4.  Turkey Chili via Skinny Taste.  This one’s claim to fame is that it is kid-friendly, so hopefully my kids will become fans of it as well.  I’ll likely serve with tortilla chips and maybe a dallop of sour cream. Crock pot, here I come!


5.  15-Minute Lasagna via Kevin and Amanda. A 15-minute dish is so necessary in my household, so this will likely be one of the first recipes I will try.  I may also substitute the lasagna noodles for spinach and cheese ravioli’s.  I like to try to find ways to sneak veggies into my dishes, and the boys don’t seem to mind veggies stuffed in ravioli. 🙂


I’d love to hear about some of the recipes you depend on to get you through the week.  Feel free to comment below with ideas for me.  I’m in dire need of some recipe revamping!!

Until next time!  Stay Chic!

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