Thrifty Thursday’s – Office Chic on a Budget

I love to dress up for work.  That’s no secret.  That said, I don’t like to spend a lot of money on my clothes.  But, if you’ve read my blog before, you already know this. 🙂

People often ask how I find such amazing deals.  It’s really quite simple: anytime I walk into a store or load a store’s webpage online, I head straight for the sales section.  At Target, for example,  I go straight for the clearance section and always walk right over to the 70 and 50 percent off racks.  Online, if browsing,…you name it; I first click on the Sale tab, then immediately sort by price (low to high), and don’t consider buying anything that isn’t marked off 60% or more.  I guess the other important part of this is that, I don’t shop for special occasions or for certain outfits.  I’m always on the hunt for deals and steals, so that if a special occasion or a need for a new outfit rolls around, amazingly priced options already exist in my closet and I don’t have to stress while in the store because “I can’t find anything to wear”.  See, being prepared works even for avid shoppers like me!

That’s how I’ve manged to score some of the outfits below!  Check them out:


Photo: My 5-year old son

The skirt in the outfit above is from the Target clearance racks.  It was marked down to about $5. I paired it with a $10 top from the sale section at Forever 21, a $6 necklace from Francesca’s (also on sale), nude BCBGeneration heels from TJ Maxx (super old), and my 10-year wedding anniversary gift…Louis #3 (thank you bunches, hubby!!).  Replace the shoes and bag with items you already own (aka ‘free’), and you have a decent outfit for work for less than $25!

This next outfit cost $16 total, minus the shoes (but they are so old, they are practically free now, haha!):


Photo: Hubby

This dress was tucked between all of the XL clothes on a clearance rack at the Gap.  It is a small.  Moral of this short story: Be a signage skeptic!  Just because the rack sign indicates the clothes are not in your size, doesn’t necessarily mean that one or more items have been misplaced and are waiting for you to find them!  So, $11 later, this dress was mine!  Add a $5 necklace from Walmart (another lesson to be learned here…be an equal opportunity shopper), and $16 later, you have a prim and proper outfit for work!  You could even wear this to dinner with colleagues or to church on Sunday!

My latest find was an Ann Taylor blazer (pictured below), paired with another Gap dress I scored online.  Take a look at the two items I scored for $23:


Photo: Hubby

I happened to stop by Ann Taylor this past week and they were having an additional 60% discount on all of their sale merchandise.  This blazer was on sale, but originally priced at $200.  I got it for $15!  Major #winning moment!  The dress I purchased for $8 (originally ~$45) earlier in the year during a flash sale on, the necklace was $15 at Lotus Boutique, the belt was $8 at Anthropologie (also old), and the shoes/bag, well, we’ve already covered those above. 🙂

So you see, a little bit of savvy shopping can go a long way!  All looks are office appropriate and won’t break your bank either.

Here are a few basics from, all under $24 with code SOSWEET.  The items below are all in the ‘Sale’ Section, and you get an additional 40% off the marked sale price…AND, don’t forget to sort by price!!  The sale is going on in stores as well.


I’d love to hear about what amazing deals you score!  Comment below, send me a Tweet, or comment on Instagram.  Happy shopping friends!

Until next time!  Stay Chic!

Thrifty Thursday’s – Baubles on a Budget

I didn’t have much time to go thrifting this past week, so instead, I’m sharing with you my recent thrifty (i.e. affordable) find!  I went to Walmart this past week in search of party supplies for my blogiversary party (more to come on that), and happened to walk by the jewelry department.  A friend on Instagram mentioned that she found very affordable necklaces at there, and cute ones too!  So I was excited to see the quality of the necklaces myself.  To my surprise, they were well made and the variety of colors was amazing!  Check out some of the ones I picked up:

IMG_20140828_094459Cute colors, right?  And guess, what?  They were only $5 a piece!  Comparable necklaces at other stores are often at least $10 a piece.  So I picked up a couple for me and a few more as gifts.  Remember, Christmas is right around the corner!  I also usually like to have gifts like these on hand to give as impromptu hostess gifts, teacher gifts, etc. 

The two I was most excited about were the mint and yellow necklaces. 

ABM_1409237497_2ABM_1409237469_1I had searched for a nice, beaded yellow necklace for a while now.  Here are some ideas for styling these two colors, should you decide to get some for yourself:

IMG_20140828_102218I loved pairing the mint necklace with this bright red blazer (similar: Forever 21) and white top (Gus Mayer).  I think the softness of the mint is unexpected and nicely juxtaposed with the bold red color of the jacket.

IMG_20140828_102327_1Remove the jacket and you have a very clean white and mint color combo!  Perfect to close out the summer, or to save for wearing when Spring rolls back around.

IMG_20140828_102453The yellow necklace, on the other hand, adds a bright pop of color to most outfits, but particularly appealing against black, as is shown here with this black Zara top.

IMG_20140828_102645A print black and white dress (similar: Forever 21) can be overwhelmed with a busy necklace, so a monochromatic, beaded necklace like this one works well against a print fabric.

IMG_20140828_102738The mint also works well, don’t you think?

Pretty thrifty, right??  Not too shabby for $5 a necklace!  I’d love to hear your opinions on the necklaces and/or the pairings above.  Comment below with your thoughts!

Until next time!  Stay Chic!