Today, I bring to your attention a major geek chic announcement.  Many of you may or may not know that my husband is an account manager for Verizon Cellular Sales.  He came home to tell me about a pretty great deal on the LG G Pad 8.3.  How great??  Can you say, “FREE”?!  If you haven’t heard of the LG G Pad, then keep reading.

LG G Pad 1,

The paper clip in this photo is GIANT, btw. Haha! Seriously, the tablet is 8 x 3 inches. 🙂

I’d asked for a tablet because it’s sometimes cumbersome to travel with my laptop – especially on short trips.  My colleagues also have tablets that they take with them from meeting to meeting at work, so that’s also inspired me to try and get one for myself.  So, I’m going to give this one a try and so far I love it!  What’s even better is that there is quite the incentive for you to buy one too!

My hubby hubs can get you this tablet, free of cost, after rebate!  All you pay for is the service each month.

FREE LG G Pad Verizon,

Details: Day Designer Planner, Target notepad, Nate Berkus oversized paper clip, Nate Berkus Bulldog Tape Dispenser, 8 x 3″ LG G Pad, Little Love Press Coffee Mug

As you can see, it’s small enough to carry with you everywhere you go and yet large enough to work off of.  It’s the perfect size for reading books with the Kindle app, watching movies, playing games, and other activities to entertain the little ones.  It fits perfectly in your purse, and it doesn’t even have to be a tote bag.  As you can see below, it fits in my Tory Burch satchel.

Tory Burch Thea Triple Zip with LG G Pad,

It has a front and rear facing camera, a quad core processor, and from the picture above you can see the colors on the screen are amazing.  With Father’s Day just around the corner, one of these would make the perfect gift.  You can get text messages on this tablet while making sure he (or you!) stays up to date with the coolest technology, haha.

So, how do you get yours FREE?!  Contact my hubby, Mike!  Out of pocket cost is $140+tax but then you get a $140 rebate back in about 10-12 business days.  No other Verizon store or online company is offering these free at the moment, so this is a very unique offer I get to share with my readers.  Yay for us!  Online and most Verizon stores are offering this tablet for $229 with a $100 rebate.  The monthly cost for most Verizon plans is just $10 a month to have internet access on it everywhere you go.  You can also connect to WiFi when available to save your data.

For more information, contact Mike at 760-447-7788 or  LG G Pads can be shipped anywhere in the US, so you do not have to be local to purchase from him.  They all come with a 14 day worry-free guarantee to make sure you are completely happy with your purchase.  If you don’t have Verizon you can still get the tablet for FREE and the Verizon plan would be $30 a month for 2GB of data.  My husband can also help switch you, your family, and even your business to Verizon and give you the best deal possible on equipment.  Verizon is also now offering a $100 bill credit per line you bring from another carrier that gets a smart phone.  So get on it!  This is not a scam, btw.  I fully endorse this product, and my hubby. 🙂

Until next time!  Stay ‘Chic’!

How to Pack a Single Carry-on for a Three-day Conference

This past week, I attended a conference for work.  I try to avoid checking luggage whenever possible, so I aimed to pack all of my outfits into a single carry-on.  I was successful!  AND…it was pretty cold where I was going, so I was pretty impressed with myself for traveling with winter-wear and managing to not over-pack or check a bag.

Chic in Academia, http://chicinacademia.comView from my hotel room.  Can you spot the snow flurries?

Here’s how I did it:

1) Pick a comfortable pair of shoes and plan your outfits around them

I chose a pair of super old Marc Jacobs heels that I purchased brand new on eBay for $30 years ago.  They are patent black with cute – not overly obnoxious – bows, which I also know pair well with opaque tights.  Conference rooms in hotels can be super cold, so layering and pants and/or opaque tights are usually a must for me.  The heels have a high-ish heel, but nothing that would make it uncomfortable to walk from room to room, or to stand on my feet several hours a day.

Chic in Academia, http://chicinacademia.comDetails: Heels, Marc Jacobs, similar here and here // Sunnies, here // Necklace, similar here // Lipstick, YSL, here

2) Pick a color, any color!

Because my shoes were black, I decided to go with a black base for all of my outfits.  Hence, I packed the following:

  • 1 black blazer
  • 2 black and white dresses
  • 2 tops (in case I needed options)
  • 2 necklaces
  • 1 pair of earrings
  • 2 pairs of opaque tights (just in case I happened to ruin a pair somehow)

My strategy was to wear my coat on the plane and wear pants that I could wear on my return flight.  So, I packed a second top to wear with those same pants on the way back.  I also wore my second pair of shoes on the plane.  In this case, I wore knee high boots just in case I should happen to need to walk outdoors somewhere, in the snow.

Chic in Academia,

A single carry-on and a tote to carry during the conference.  Oh yes, and my morning coffee. 🙂

Chic in Academia,

Details: Luggage, Alice and Olivia for Target, similar here // Bag, Chanel, similar here

My luggage from the inside.  This photo was actually taken when I got home, but as you can see, my luggage was not over-packed.  The silver bag is a large tote that I like to carry in case I happen to go shopping while traveling and need to carry the excess with me on my way back. 😀  Always best to be prepared!

Chic in Academia,

Details:  Coat, Zara (on sale in stores), similar here // Top, Elizabeth and James via TJ Maxx, similar here// Skinny jeans, Ann Taylor, similar here // Boots, Forever 21, similar here // Chanel Pendant necklace, South Boutique, similar here

No mirrors at the airport to take a full-selfie, so you get a birds-eye view of my outfit! (Photo above)

Chic in Academia,

Details:  Blazer, Zara, similar here // Dress, Salvation Army, similar here // Opaque tights, Hue via Nordstrom Rack, similar here // Watch, Michele (gift), similar here

For the first day, I wore a black and white dress I got at a thrift store for $3 a while back, paired with my favorite Zara blazer.  What makes it my favorite?  The puffed-sleeve.  It balances out my hips! 😀

Chic in Academia,

On the second day of the conference, I chose to wear a dress which required nothing but a statement necklace and cocktail ring to complete the look.

Chic in Academia,

Details:  Dress, H&M, here // Necklace, similar here // Ring, Aldo (BOGO and only $8ish in store), here

Chic in Academia,

Chic in Academia,

Details:  Tops, H&M, here // Necklace, J Crew, similar here

Here, I am wearing the same pants and blazer I wore the first day, paired with a top from H&M.  Same shoes all three days as you can see.  I also wore the second necklace I packed.  You’ll notice I tried on both tops and although I loved the look of the white top, it was a bit too sheer to wear without a tank underneath, so I went with the darker top.  Still works, I think.  What do you think???

An unrelated, but useful tip: Because I chose to work during times when I wasn’t in sessions, I ended up ordering a lot of room service.  Did you know that you can order from the kids menu and not only pay less, but actually get a greater variety of food than when ordering from the adult menu??  I had no idea!  I’ll definitely be doing this from now on!

What are your tricks for packing for work-trips?  I’m always looking for tips and tricks, so feel free to leave any you think might be helpful for me in the comments section below!  Finally, don’t forget to enter the Tory Burch giveaway on my blog!  Details for the giveaway found here.  Ends tomorrow!

Until next time!  Stay ‘Chic’!