The Mani-Cure

Disclaimer:  The following post is, much like the current state of my life, a bit disjointed.  So, I ask you to bear with me just this one time.

As some of my readers know, I lost my beloved Vienna just yesterday.  The title of this post therefore stems from a emotionally-exhausted attempt to seek some comfort, a ‘cure’ if you will, from something as simple as a ‘mani’cure.

My Beloved Dog, Vienna:


She was a sweet, sweet dog.  Loved to chase after squirrels.  Had an insatiable appetite. Loved to burrow under a doggie blanket before falling asleep in her doggie bed at night.  Loved us unconditionally.  Sigh, so difficult to write this just a day later.

Not skipping a beat, off to work I went today.  The morning was tough, but I managed to check some things off my list.  As lunch time approached, the tears were starting to overwhelm me.  Hoping to find something to take my mind off of the sadness, I left my office for a lunch break away from my desk.

There are usually two things that can make me feel comforted when away from my loved ones: a mani with a manicurist who is a good listener and comfort food…Mexican.

So, off to lunch I went.  In one hour, I managed to drive to the restaurant, eat my food (I ate it too fast to capture a picture of it, oops!), get my nails done, and drive back to my office. Pretty impressive, right?  I thought so!  Efficiency at its best. 🙂



Often a manicure will eat up a large chunk of time, but over time and after numerous smudged manicures, I have identified two items that make for quick-drying, long-lasting, glossy manicure.

The first is this Deborah Lippman ‘It’s Raining Men’ polish:

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 4.18.23 PM

Or, another favorite, Sinful ‘Ruby Ruby’ polish:

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 9.24.37 PM

…and the second, a coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri:

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 4.22.13 PM

That’s it.  The no-nonsense mani for the working, professional woman.  The red hues described are not obnoxious and the SH Insta-Dri dries in literally 5-7 minutes!!  The SH Insta-Dri I totally recommend.  In fact, I suggest you hop in your car after reading this post, and run to the drugstore to buy one for yourself!  I joke, I joke. Seriously, though, finish reading my post. 😉

So, much like Elle Woods (yes, that’s a Legally Blonde reference), I too sought a ‘Mani-Cure’ for my bad-day woes.

But, was I cured of my doggie-blues?  Not quite unfortunately.

Grieving, from what I am gathering, is not a one-day experience; even when grieving over a pet.  Although I felt momentarily happy, I kept thinking of Vienna. For example, how I will miss hearing her nails on our wood floors at home, despite how much it sometimes irked me to hear them at 6am when she would rush to our room to alert us that the sun was out and she needed to be fed.

Also hard, is explaining to my four-year old where his doggie is now.  Of course we explained that she is now in heaven.  We pointed to the sky in an attempt to explain where heaven is.  Thinking we had appeased his intrigue of heaven, we left the subject alone only to be confronted with, “Mommy, but I still want my Vienna,” when we tucked him in at night.  Followed by, “Vienna is going to be scared in the sky because it’s dark now”.  “What if the lightning and thunder hurt her??”

Together, we are working towards healing.  They – the experts and others – say that talking about it, writing about, etc., can be therapeutic.  Alas, this post, is an attempt to do just that; heal.  If anything, it helps me maintain a sense of normalcy for a few minutes out of the day, by telling you about how my ‘Mani-Cure’ temporarily helped to heal my emotional wounds.

We love you, Vienna (2007-2013).  Forever you will be the heartbeat at our feet.

What NYFW means for your closet

Today marks the launch of Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week!!  An event that remains on my bucket list, because I am hopeful that I will one day be able to attend (Hint to anyone out there willing to take me!!). It happens twice a year where Spring fashion is presented in the Fall, and Fall fashion in the Spring.  Fashionistas, designers, and all lovers of fashion alike are currently in attendance at many of the fashion shows currently showing in New York (Jealous much?  I am!!).

If you are like me, you will admire from afar and keep up with the happenings of each show via live feed here, as well as updates on Facebook, and Instagram, to name a few.  It’s probably a better way to keep up anyway since it would be nearly impossible for a little unknown person like me to score tickets to more than one show, much less an invite to any of the amazing after parties.  So…I live vicariously through others. 🙂

I am, however, able to indulge in the innovation presented and generated for these new lines of fashion twice of year by purchasing what trickles down (see, Reagan’s Trickle Down Theory can be applied to fashion as well, lol!) to ready-to-wear retailers like Zara, JCrew, Banana Republic, and big retailers like Macy’s and Nordstrom.  What you see on the runway isn’t always what makes it into our closets, but versions of them, as well as the ready-to-wear collections do!

For example, Zara, a Spanish-based women’s clothing store, built its success on recreating designer styles and putting them at the reach of the masses.  The owner and creator, Rosalia Mera, recently passed.  The New York Times ran a feature on Ms. Mera and the company, describing Zara the following way: “Zara changed the apparel industry, chiefly by speeding up its mass-market response to new designs coming from the leading fashion houses in Paris, Milan, New York and other cities. Zara could come up with its own variations on those designs and have them in stores within two weeks; previously, six months was the industry average.”  Although designers like Tom Ford are angered by such business practices (according to Daily Mail, so take it for what it’s worth), I am happy to have access to fashion that might otherwise be unattainable!

August was a good shopping month for me and I can’t wait to share with you some of the things that made it into the store, and eventually, into my closet. 😉  Stay tuned!!