Fab Finds Friday!

Can you believe we are already 10 days into the new year?!  I can’t!!  Time flies when you’re having fun, right? 🙂

I am certain that, like most people, you may be engaged in upholding some new year’s resolutions, or have set goals for the year; unless of course, you are the wiser, and decided to just live your life the way you want to live it! Haha!

I did not actually resolve to do anything specific this year, but did join in on some fun on Instagram (IG).  One of my IG friends, Jen, started the #2014closetremixchallenge.  The idea is to NOT SHOP for ONE WHOLE MONTH!!!  AH!  I know; the idea of ME not shopping for an entire month seemed completely outlandish/impossible/flabbergasting, but I figured, eh, why not give it a try?

So, I am 10 days into not shopping, and to tell you the truth, I have yet to go through withdrawal!  I was scared to quit cold-turkey, but honestly, it has not been as bad as I anticipated it to be.  In fairness, it is probably helping that I am head deep into manuscript and grant writing, so I really HAVEN’T had the time to peruse my usual websites and step foot into my favorite stores.  But, I will say that it has helped me to better assess what is already in my closet; made me aware of the fact that I had several items with price tags still on them; and, that I had pieces of clothing and accessories that I love, but had not worn in years!  Perhaps I needed this challenge more than I imagined!  THEN, this happened…

Don’t worry, I didn’t fall off the challenge wagon!!  Instead, I opened my inbox this morning (btw, thanks Gmail for creating a tab for ‘Promotions’ so that all my store emails are in one place and not mixed in with my work emails!!) and was confronted with several emails from stores alerting me to their fab sales!!  Sigh.  Everyone said I would be crazy for vowing to not shop this month because the sales would be SO amazing.  Well, it turns out they were right!!

Anyway, just because I have vowed not to shop, doesn’t mean I should keep YOU from doing so!  So, as an act of public service, I figured I would put together a few of my favorites and pass them along to you!  I am, afterall, a giver. 🙂

Below are some of my picks (all items under $50, one as little as $2!!) based on the emails I received this morning.  Links are listed below the collage of items.  Credit to the incredibly stylish Marce (@lawyercouture) for the tip on the Ann Taylor Faux Fur Collar!  Of note, all the items are at least an additional 40% (discount applied at checkout)!  The only exception is the Lotus Boutique necklace (black stone necklace with red shirt), which along with other items on the site, will be on sale tomorrow during the flash-sale taking place from 10am-12pm CST! Use promo code FLASHSALE to get the discount! You heard it here first!!

Have fun shopping and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for outfit styling inspiration for your new purchases!!

Have a great weekend!!

Fab Finds Under $50