Thrifty Thursday’s – Baubles on a Budget

I didn’t have much time to go thrifting this past week, so instead, I’m sharing with you my recent thrifty (i.e. affordable) find!  I went to Walmart this past week in search of party supplies for my blogiversary party (more to come on that), and happened to walk by the jewelry department.  A friend on Instagram mentioned that she found very affordable necklaces at there, and cute ones too!  So I was excited to see the quality of the necklaces myself.  To my surprise, they were well made and the variety of colors was amazing!  Check out some of the ones I picked up:

IMG_20140828_094459Cute colors, right?  And guess, what?  They were only $5 a piece!  Comparable necklaces at other stores are often at least $10 a piece.  So I picked up a couple for me and a few more as gifts.  Remember, Christmas is right around the corner!  I also usually like to have gifts like these on hand to give as impromptu hostess gifts, teacher gifts, etc. 

The two I was most excited about were the mint and yellow necklaces. 

ABM_1409237497_2ABM_1409237469_1I had searched for a nice, beaded yellow necklace for a while now.  Here are some ideas for styling these two colors, should you decide to get some for yourself:

IMG_20140828_102218I loved pairing the mint necklace with this bright red blazer (similar: Forever 21) and white top (Gus Mayer).  I think the softness of the mint is unexpected and nicely juxtaposed with the bold red color of the jacket.

IMG_20140828_102327_1Remove the jacket and you have a very clean white and mint color combo!  Perfect to close out the summer, or to save for wearing when Spring rolls back around.

IMG_20140828_102453The yellow necklace, on the other hand, adds a bright pop of color to most outfits, but particularly appealing against black, as is shown here with this black Zara top.

IMG_20140828_102645A print black and white dress (similar: Forever 21) can be overwhelmed with a busy necklace, so a monochromatic, beaded necklace like this one works well against a print fabric.

IMG_20140828_102738The mint also works well, don’t you think?

Pretty thrifty, right??  Not too shabby for $5 a necklace!  I’d love to hear your opinions on the necklaces and/or the pairings above.  Comment below with your thoughts!

Until next time!  Stay Chic!