Finding style with Kleenex!

Disclaimer:  This post is a compensated post in collaboration with Kleenex and Linqia.  However, opinions expressed in this post are my own and have not been modified by the sponsors or any other third parties.

I was recently offered the opportunity to check out the new packaging for Kleenex®, and naturally, I was super excited!  As you probably know by now, I get excited about most things related to fashion, including collaborations between Kleenex and fashion designers! I’ve been a fan of Kleenex for years and, I don’t know if you are guilty of this, but I will often catch myself saying, “Can you hand me a Kleenex?”, instead of “Can you hand me a tissue?”!  Do you do that??  Fine, don’t ‘fess up.  I do. 🙂  That’s probably because they have been around forever, though (not that I have…I haven’t been around that long, hee hee)!!  In fact, Kleenex is celebrating its 90th anniversary this year…can you believe the have been around that long?!  To celebrate, they created an innovative first: The Kleenex® Style Studio. It’s a fun way to learn more about the Kleenex Brand designs and products. Here’s a sneak peak at some of their new designs, including a collaboration with Isaac Mizrahi!


Anyhow, I do love how cute their new packaging is!  As a recent aficionado of Instagram, I look for every opportunity to “cutesy” up my belongings (okay, ‘cutesy’ may not in fact be a word, but it’s my word, so, just nod and smile :)), including items that are part of my home decor or my handbag!

Take for example the new Kleenex decorative tissue box:


It is adorably designed and even matches my makeup bag!  They have tons of other decorative styles, of course, all of which can be seen on the Kleenex Style Finder Studio website.

In addition to the decorative tissue boxes, Kleenex also debuted individual pouches to carry in your makeup bag, purse, or if you’re like me, your diaper bag (not pictured…it’s late, I’m writing in the dark, so you will just have to imagine it for now :))!


There were several designs to choose from, but I settled on these three individual pouches, which included this black/white floral pouch to match the makeup bag I carry in my purse!



Cute, right?!  Check out all of their new designs on the Kleenex Style Finder Studio site, in their new Catwalk or Kleenex? video, or by taking the quiz to earn a coupon for your new purchase!

Thanks for reading along and allowing me to share with you the news about this exciting new collaboration and debut of the new and fashionable Kleenex designs!

Finally, I hope you are in need of these NOT because you’re at home sick with the flu (ahem, did you GET the flu vaccine this year?! #publichealthadvocate), or a cold (can’t yell at you here, except maybe because you should sneeze into the inside of your elbow and wash your hands frequently, tisk, tisk!!), but rather because you have other, more practical uses for them. 🙂

Stay chic!!


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For now, I have some super exciting things to report!

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