The Work Flat

It is not often that you will catch me wearing flats.  I am – and have been since about age 12 – a high-heels-wearer.  It’s innate…possibly even coded in my genes! On occasion, though, I too will dabble in flats-wearing.

Example #1 (actually, it’s probably the ONLY example I have!!):


There are only two types of occasions that have required flats-wearing in my life:

1) During and after pregnancy (swollen feet are no match for ANY pair of high-heels!!).

2) Days when I have to run around campus, walk from building to building, or walk a long distance with bags in tow (e.g. at the ariport).

For those occasions, or when I simply cannot bear the thought of balancing the majority of my weight on the balls of your heels for more than 5 seconds (trust me though, this is rarely the case for me), I recommend the following flats:

1.  The Tory Burch ‘Reva’ Ballerina Flat – Of course!!  Made with a soft buttery leather, these flats are a bit uncomfortable at first; once you break in the leather though, they are quite comfy!  The gold medallion adds a bit of accessorizing without it being too obnoxiously ‘bling’, in my opinion.  I also like that it comes in a variety of colors!  One for each outfit you say?  Why not, I say!! 😉

Tory Burch 'Reva' Ballerina Flat

Tory Burch ‘Reva’ Ballerina Flat

2.  If I am wearing heels to work, to the airport, or any other place really, I make sure to keep a pair of flats in my bag.  Flats creators have innovated the most amazing types of flats recently…the folding flat!  There are two types that I would recommend:

-The Tieks, by Gavrieli Foldable Flat.  Created by a Stanford Alum (Go Cardinal!!), these flats come in about 47 different colors and styles.  They come with a cute, drawstring bag for storage.  Although I would probably default to a black foldable flat (especially if your base wardrobe color tends to be black), I would not shy away from this copper, textured flat, as it is also a great neutral option:

Wild Copper
-Love the idea of the Tieks flat, but can’t fathom shelling out nearly $300 for them?  Worry not, as the Gap has a similar foldable flat!  The City Flat.  I am a fan of this one, actually, owning 4 pairs of these myself (hey, they were on sale!!)!
Gap Womens The City Flat
-When opting for flats, I would recommend buying flats that are all-leather.  You are likely wearing flats to walk around, not just sit at your desk, so wear a materials that won’t have you reaching for band-aids and tending to blisters!
-Also, as you would do with any other type of shoe, break them in before wearing them.  You are likely choosing to wear flats to seek comfort when dressing your feet, so make sure that they have stretched out a bit and are going to make your walking experience a pleasant one.
-Finally, I leave you with these words of wisdom from one shoe lover to another: “If the shoe fits, BUY IT!!”

-Stay ‘Chic’!