Fall-ing for Living Proof

Disclosure:  I partnered with Living Proof for this post, however all opinions are my own.

Fall appears to be transitioning rather slowly this year.  This past week, my city has experienced temps in the 80’s!!  It may therefore come as no surprise that my hair is having a field day and attempting to run amuck.  Thankfully, I now have Living Proof to help avert my hair crises!  I have officially ‘Fall’-en in love with Living Proof.

Many of you already know that I have a PhD.  So it should come as no surprise that I instantly gravitated towards Living Proof’s new line of hair products – PHD (aka Perfect Hair Day)!  I first received a sample of the PHD Overnight cap and loved it.  So when I was asked to sample other items from their line, I enthusiastically agreed!

My hair tends to be super frizzy.  I am NOT the wash-n-go type.  I am the wash, dry for an hour, style for an hour, then tame with products for another hour, type.  Sigh.  I’m exhausted just thinking about it.  Which is why – if you ever see in me in person – my hair is usually up in a bun.  It’s bad.  But, good!  But also, bad.  Cue Living Proof and their amazing hair-taming products!

Living Proof , http://chicinacademia.com

As you can see, I selected many of the Living Proof frizz products, as well as the Perfect Hair Day products.  I used their Product Selector Tool to help me decide what products to get.  I had already tried their PHD Overnight Cap before using the tool, though, so I knew that would be a must this time around as well.  The Product Selector Tool also recommended the Living Proof frizz products, which in combination with the PHD products, have been major game changers for my hair.

Below is a photo of my hair with another product; which at the time, I thought, was taming my hair.  In retrospect, I have realized that it in fact simply weighed down my hair, and by the second day, made it somewhat greasy. No bueno.

Exhibit A:

hair, http://chicinacademia.com

The biggest difference I noticed with the use of the Living Proof Products, was that my hair was not frizzy, felt soft and not ‘dry’, and smelled fragrantly delicious.  Check out two photos I took after using Living Proof products:

Living Proof , http://chicinacademia.com

Living Proof , http://chicinacademia.com

Both these photos were taken while traveling for work and one of the great things that made these hair styles possible was the availability of Living Proof Travel packs!  I sampled both the PHD and the frizz travel packs.  They were heaven sent since I often use whatever the hotel provides and often end up wearing my hair up in a bun or slicked-back with hair spray because my hair becomes untame-able.

Living Proof , http://chicinacademia.com

I’m seriously in love with this line.  It is the first line that preserved my volume, all while eliminating frizz and making my hair smell freshly-washed!  I love that my hair looks like it does not have hair product in it.  I also noticed that I didn’t have icky residue on my hands after applying it to my hair.  Have you noticed that when applying product to your hair, you often have to wash your hands??  well, not with these Living Proof products!  That makes then extra spectacular in my opinion.  They have truly made me achieve my #besthair.  I’m certain it will help you achieve #yourbesthair too!!!  Part of what makes them such an amazingly functional hair care line is – wait for it…here’s the science!! – the combination of two major hair discoveries (following text from LivingProof.com):

Hair Discovery #1:OFPMA

OFPMA is a superior way to care for and style hair; better than any of the conventional technologies that exist in the market, like silicone and oils.

This molecule creates athin, invisible shield around every hair strand. With this shield:

  • hair becomes healthier over time
  • hair is strengthened and protected from daily assaults like brushing and washing
  • hair balances the flow of moisture in and out of strands, so damaging moisture flux is controlled
  • hair fights off humidity, so frizz is stopped in its tracks
  • hair repels oil and dirt so it stays cleaner, longer
  • hair texture is polished into a smooth, glossy lustre

Hair Discovery #2:PBAE

This tiny molecule does big things. Literally. PBAE creates a micropattern of thickening dots on every hair strand, making hair look and behave like textured, full, thick hair.

To understand the power of the PBAE technology, it’s helpful to first understand the root cause of flat hair. It only takes two words: No Friction. Flat hair simply has no friction. The hair strands are so fine and smooth that they lie flat on top of each other. The way conventional texturizers and volumizers work is by trying to create friction…but in two very ineffective ways. They either use damaging chemicals that lift the hair’s cuticle so the strands don’t lie flat against each other, or add glue-like resins that build up on hair, making it feel stiff and unnatural and fall flat fast.

PBAE’s microscopic pattern of thickening dots sit on the surface of the hair, creating the much needed friction and space between every fine hair strand without any of the damage or baggage of conventional technologies. These thickening dots have endurance and don’t break down, even as you run your fingers through your locks, making fullness completely revivable and renewable.

With PBAE:

  • Hair behaves like full, thick hair with body and volume
  • Hair has volume and texture that is revivable and long lasting

Together, these hair discoveries help make Living Proof products the leader in hair makeovers!  So, give them a try!!  I have honestly fallen in love with them and am already fearful that I will run out of product WAY faster than I anticipated, simply because I am using them all so much.  I plan to try the STRAIGHT products next, but for now, I’m enjoying the frizz-free, voluminous styles that the PHD and  Living Proof frizz products are allowing me to achieve!

LP Collage, http://chicinacademia.com

Until next time!  Stay ‘Chic’!

Dress for Success with Rockport Shoes

Disclosure:  I partnered with Rockport Shoes for this post, however all opinions are my own.

rockport, http://chicinacademia.comI mentioned to a friend this week that the heels I was wearing were Rockport and she replied in awe, ” REALLY?!  I didn’t know Rockport made heels!”  Well, yes, they do! AND, they are amazing.

Rockport started out as a father/son company in 1971.  The question that drove their uniquely comfortable shoe design was, “Why aren’t there dress and casual shoes as comfortable as sneakers?”  Since then, they have focused their efforts on designing dress shoes with built-in sport technology.

In academia, teaching, medicine, and really any ‘office job, one is always on the hunt for comfortable, but also aesthetically pleasing heels/shoes.  Well, look no further. THESE, my friends, are soon to become your faves too.

I received two pairs of shoes to try and let me tell you, they are incredibly comfortable to wear.  I wore the heels pictured above and below two days in a row!  I walked from building to building without wanting to rip them off my feet at the end of the day.  They have a variety of colors and textures, but I chose these blue suede heels to add a pop to my outfits.  Now I want them in every color!

rockport, http://chicinacademia.com

rockport, http://chicinacademia.com

I’m posting the other pair on Instagram, so be sure to check out my post!  Now, here’s the main reason I am so excited about this collaboration:

When someone puts on a pair of Rockport shoes, they feel a sense of energy and confidence that not only helps them power through their day, but helps them make the most of life’s everyday moments; moments that can turn their daily routine into a daily adventure, whether it’s spending ten minutes walking their kids to school or trying a new local restaurant.

Rockport is inspiring people to share their daily adventures between October 15 and 22, and for each Instagram post that tags @DressforSuccess and #mydailyadventure, Rockport will make a $5 donation to the Dress forSuccess nonprofit organization.  Isn’t that amazing??  Also super easy!! So, if you have an Instagram account, all you have to do is post your photo of the day as you would normally, and simply add the hashtag #MyDailyAdventure and tag @DressforSuccess.  Each one of your posts will help donate $5 to Dress for Success!!

So, PLEASE tag your Instagram posts with #MyDailyAdventure and also tag @DressforSuccess.  A simple tag will help make a huge difference for an international organization that helps women jumpstart their daily adventures in the workforce.

Rockport on Instagram: @rockportshoes

Dress for Success on Instagram: @dressforsuccess

Chic in Academia on Instagram: @chic_in_academia

Thanks for reading!  Stay ‘Chic’!

Laser vision correction for me?

*Disclosure: I am receiving monetary compensation from B-Metro magazine for my time, but all opinions are my own. 
Michaelson Laser Vision, http://chicinacademia.com
IS laser vision correction for me??
I don’t know, but am excited to find out more about it!  I have worn glasses for years and seriously considered laser vision correction for some time now.  Tomorrow, I get to check out the new Michelson Laser Vision location at UAB Highlands and I’m super excited!
Family time, http://chicinacademia.com

One of the few pics I have taken with glasses on, though they are my go-to whenever I travel.

The open house will take place from 5:30pm-7:30pm and will involve appetizers, a chance to win valuable door prizes, elegant hors d’ oeuvres by Kathy G, and complimentary spirits and live entertainment!  There will also be Free Valet Parking, so if you’re not too busy, plan to join me (along with B Metro Magazine and Javacia of See Jane Write).

Marc A. Michelson, M.D. has been the recipient of “Best Doctors in America” for over fifteen consecutive years. Dr. Michelson is a recognized leader in the field of refractive surgery and has been ranked in the top 1% of refractive surgeons in the United States. His mission is to provide the highest quality of care in everything they do in his practice to ensure excellent outcomes. Dr. Michelson is passionate about laser vision correction, delivering powerful experiences to make differences in peoples’ lives.

His practice provides strategic planning for precise vision correction and offer comprehensive solutions for almost any refractive error including nearsightedness, astigmatism, farsightedness, and presbyopia, including LASIK Eye Surgery.

Michelson Laser Vision, Inc. offers the most robust laser technology available in the United States, the Ziemer Femtosecond and the Allegretto Excimer EX500 conveniently located at UAB Highlands in Birmingham, Alabama.  Dr. Michaelson is also an Associate Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology at UAB.

Learn more at MichelsonLaserVision.com.

See you tomorrow at 5:30pm at UAB Highlands!

Until next time!  Stay ‘Chic’!